Anderson Gardens & Stanley Court

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 12.55.56Last night I was writing up Anderson Gardens and Stanley Court down at the Village, but need more detail. I’m stuck, so perhaps YOU can help.

Questions I have include:
a) Who was the private Developer?
b) What Year were these homes built (or even roughly – definitely early than 2004 by the way)
c) Any stories associated with them?
d) Any surnames wish to be included in the Encyclopedia entry who may live there now?

ANDERSON GARDENS is a small contemporary, residential row of modern 2 storey homes located at Low Blantyre immediately opposite entrance to David Livingstone Centre at Station Road.

They were named after James Anderson JP, a Chairman of the 5th District Council in the1950’s and who as a ‘Village’ man was also a local Councillor. Built on the site of the former prefabs in (1978?)”

STANLEY COURT is a contemporary, residential block of modern 2 stroey flats located at Low Blantyre opposite the entrance to David Livingstone Centre at Station Road.

Built on the former site of the Stanley Hotel, previous to that had been the bleach works and before that, the Clydesdale Oil Works, which operated there from the 1930’s until the 1950’s, private developers constructed the brick built family homes in (1990?). A small dead end road leads to the rear monoblocked residential carpark. The back of the homes face out to the River Clyde. It is 40m above sea level.”

Thanks for any help given.

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Gary Doonin James Carrigan levern homes , 1990

Blantyre Project Thanks Gary, is that in relation to the Stanley Court houses?

Sadie Dolan Yes Paul he also built village gardens in villiage, x

Gary Doonin Built on the old Stanley hotel site burned down 84

Blantyre Project wonder if the Stanley Hotel was a former building leftover from the oil works.

Gary Doonin If my memory serves me right it was a newish building as well John Cornfield would know . Jimmy carrigan through Levern homes also built wee estate off knightswood terrace next to railway line circa 89

Blantyre Project Think you’re right. The Stanley Hotel was built on the site of the bleachworks by a Mr Reid and partners. Formerly before that the site was the old Oil works, which is now Stanley Court? The white houses at Anderson Gardens were built on vacant ground that once was one of the 2 prefab sites on Station Road. That makes sense looking at the old maps. Ta.

Gord Fotheringham dont forget Paul there is (was) a cemetery to the left the picture….livingstones mother or grandmother had a site there fenced off….all by its self…the braes to the right were burned every year…I used to get the blame…I did burn down a haystack in the good old days….I don’t see the ulva in this picture ….i remember the building of the sewer main junction pipe…behind Morgan’s wee shop….maybe 100 feet away…

Paddy Neil The cemetery was further up nearer the village bar where caskie drive is now.

James Sime The flats arent Anderson Gardens, they are called Stanley Court. Built on the site of the Stanley Hotel which burned down in the early 80s

Blantyre Project so only these few homes with white roughcasting then James are Anderson Gardens?
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James Sime Yeah as far as I know. They were known as Anderson Gardens before the flats were built and the flats were known as Stanley Court when built.

Blantyre Project James cheers. I’ll need to update my entry. Looks like Anderson Gardens, the white buildings were built on the former site of the prefabs (not to be confused by the other prefabs further up and on the opposite side of Station Road).

I found an entry in 1978 for caravans being brought on to this field after the prefabs had gone, which were used whilst the houses were being built. I suspect Anderson Gardens dates from 1978/79.

Gary Doonin In 77 and 78 a lot of the houses in Blantyre were getting renovated ie Maxwell cres etc , and families were decanted to these caravans while their houses were being modernised think it lasted for about 2 years

James Sime Anderson Gardens is the older houses to the right hand side of the wee lane where the signpost is in your picture.

Archie Peat Proud of your Father , Ewan ? A great man !!

Blantyre Project If anybody has information in relation to either Stanley Court or Anderson Gardens, that would be great!

Alan Craig I lived in Fagan Court since 2000 and even I didn’t realise Anderson Gardens existed, I thought it was just an extension of Fagan Court.
We moved to Anderson Gardens 4 years ago.
Our home report says the house was built in 1982/1983.

Alan Craig Doesn’t help that the street doesn’t show up on Googlemaps and the sign at Stanley Court is pretty misleading and nearly impossible to spot.

Linda Halpin I lived at Fagan Court with my mum and dad my mum passed a couple of years ago age 96 it has been sold now but great memories for me as I sang in the Stanley many times x

James Sime Or maybe Stanley Court was just the name of the development. Google maps doesnt show a Stanley Court. Hmmmm

Blantyre Project there is no sign post or street name marked for Stanley Court, which is strange. I’ve updated the original post to avoid confusing people, but this needs further investigation and unravelling.  Hopefully somebody at those addresses can comment.

Blantyre Project I have a good photo of that area from 1950, showing the prefabs at Station Road where Anderson Gardens would be now and showing the bleachworks where (possibly) Stanley Court is now. Any thoughts?

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Gord Fotheringham I remember this site extreamly well…directly below the bleach works my mother had a strawberry plot ….rented from council….below the bleach works there was a pipe that was dripping water steadily….this was the water we took to welwyn garden city….for my sick aunt….who later became pregnant twice in her 50s…jimmy andersons family lived in the prefabs….Ina Anderson came to Canada….she was at my wedding 1963….I know lots of stories of the village …I never knew of a hotel being there…

Gord Fotheringham Paul you asked about that water pipe years ago….now you. Know where it is….Paul could you send me a repro of the prefabs….tried uploading but no luck

Archie Peat Ina Anderson was James Anderson’s niece , Her Dad Guy Anderson lived in the bottom scheme of the prefabs . The ” Hotel ” was a drinking den called a hotel to cover the late licence !

Blantyre Project Archie so Stanley Hotel never boarded anybody? I thought it had rooms to let.

Archie Peat It needed a few “rooms ” to call it’s self a hotel .I can never say it didn’t board anybody but everyone knew what it was . I seem to recollect it had something to do with the speedway in Blantyre

James Sime I wonder when the hotel was built and what that looked like. Wondering if thats one of the buildings there or if that came later.

Archie Peat Possibly the 1980s . A cheap nasty prefabricated building which was demolished after the fire . See my reply to Gord Forthingham

Ian McNaughton Think Stanley court was built after 1990.

James Sime The roundabout in front of the flats / hotel was a bus terminus / turning point.

Archie Peat Yes that was the turning point of the old No 96 bus .The Village to Hamilton Bus Station . Could I tell some tales about that service !!!

Ann Watson That’s where me and Jim met x

John Cornfield The Stanley Hote was built on the site of the bleach works it had between 4-6 rooms and these were occasional lets wprkers etc as far as I recall it was beige brick as far as I can remember it had concrete roof tiles and double wooden doors
Bill Reid and William Reid owners they were related! As you entered the foyer the reception desk slightly to the right the first door to the left again double doors was a disco lounge a fair size with seating a pool table at far side bar on r/h side DJ had a raised area immediately left through the doors back into foyer second doors double doors again just left of reception desk a large concert hall with raised stage straight ahead bar to left backing onto lounge bar but separate back into foyer to the right of reception desk another door single this time corridor to bed rooms and further down at the end kitchen it was a well built building and on a Sunday afternoon in the back it had taken the singsong that used to be in Broons plus’ disco music in lounge so was well sound proofread it was a great place to work the door Stan Gordon and I were the young doormen and the older guys were Legends John Rodwell and Tam TC Cambell and Duncan Copeland and people came from all over Glasgow and lanarkshire to attend

Blantyre Project Thanks John. Thats brilliant detail! When was the earliest you remember the hotel being there?

John Cornfield Blantyre Project it must be 83 but remember that saying if you remember the 80 s you weren’t there! I was there but fuzzy memories 😂😆Paul

Jim Donnelly John,Correct me if i’m wrong,Something tells me The Stanley was built around roughly between 1978/80..!!!

James Quigley John I met belle in Stanley when I was 21 so makes it 85 , I’d say it was built 83,84 and went on fire 86

John Cornfield Jim Donnelly definitely not Jim

Bill Hunter James Anderson’s daughter Moira, was my neighbour in High Earnock, in Hamilton. She stills resides there and I remember her telling me of her father and how one of the streets in the village was named after him. That would be the old prefabs.

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