1988 Further Highland Games

A last look at Sanny McVicar’s photos of the Highland Games. Keep coming back to Hercules the Bear, surely the star attraction! The thought of putting a live bear up near rows of kids nowadays! I have a distinct memory of Hercules drawing blood from Andy’s upper thigh at one of those events, (in playfulness Andy shouted!)

Thanks again for all the great photos.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Gillian Cunningham Why did they end ? Would still be a cracking day out.

Blantyre Project Not 100% sure Gillian. It stopped rather abruptly. Being one of my fellow committee members for organising events of this size, we both know the hard work that goes into it all and reliance upon volunteers and sponsorship. Blantyre Highland Games was exceptionally well run and it’s thanks to the Round Table and rest of the organisers that we’re still talking about it after all these years.

Kenneth Downie My oldest was a baby and Jon Paul held him while I took a picture…
Sh*ttin myself because his arm was the same thickness as him.
Drew Semple Great memory,standing with Rab Reid and Jon Paul Sigmarrson walks past,wee Rab shouts ‘big man u want a shift on the coal tmora’.

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