Main Street, Mid 80’s (1 of 3)

How different Main Street looked even in relatively modern times! This photo and others coming shortly were taken in the mid 1980’s by Gordon Cook, kindly shared here and features High Blantyre’s Main Street looking north.

1985 Main St by GC1 wm

1980s High Blantyre Main Street, by G Cook

This was a time before the block of shops containing Ladbrokes, D&J Rodger Butchers, Jinxys and Gilbride Chemist. In fact that area is the green field you see in front of you!

On the left the tenement ‘Meadow View’ still stands, now housing Shanghai Wok, Kathy’s and Snips. BUT…can you name the shops pictured in the 1980s?

Beyond the billboard, with no flats built yet, is the more familiar Blakely’s building. In the foreground and far right is a former 2 storey tenement that faced directly on to Broompark Road junction. Can anybody tell me more about that particular building?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Eleanor Clark Our Great Grandfather was a joiner in Blakleys the ceiling did not have 1 single nail in it now that is what you call a joiner not a wood butcher

Alan Baird so how was it held up with ?

Patricia Hutcheson Docherty My first house 252 Main St above snips

Patricia Hutcheson Docherty It wasn’t snips then it was a clothes shop Mary Fearnon owned it, her and her friend Isa worked there. I had a Matovani LP and she would ask me to put it on and turn it up, her and Isa would dance up and down the shop hahahaha, happy days

John Hawkins I’m sure it was The Post office we’re the Shanghai wok is now before Shanghai was the wok inn

Margo Clayton Shanghai wok was the building my great grandfather, David Ritchie, owned. The Ritchie family lived there until it was sold in the early to mid 1980’s. This is the man who took the early High Blantyre photos Alex gave you. Think it has been a Chinese take away since it was sold.

Sally Jamieson Was it not originally part of the co-op and sold shoes through the back. Clothes at the front. That would be around 1973/4 perhaps.

Maggie Anderson Snips was the co-op drapery with shoes through the back..I worked there when I was 15 with Peggy Best and I think a Mrs Chassels..

Sally Jamieson Maggie Anderson thanks for confirming that! I was going to say drappers and then though twice. Am I right in thinking you went through a door towards the back of the shop and it was half glass and half wood!

Maggie Anderson Omg !! you are asking a lot of my memory lol….TBH I can’t remember if there was a door going into the shoe dept I don’t think there was an actual door when I was there but there could have been one later…..I do remember there was a tiny partition in that back area where we used to sit and have our tea breaks !!

Stephen McGuigan Did the shop used to be called Wool N’ Baby??

Maggie Anderson I’m not sure I left High Blantyre in 1968/9

Jackie MacDonald Yes it was. My dad Hugh mcdade n his wife Anne ran it. Her mum had post office next door.

Blantyre Project some good memories here! thanks everybody


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