1934 John Duncan and Mary Danskin


1934 John Duncan & Mary Shaw Danskin

1934 Wedding John Duncan and Mary Danskin (Jean Danskin and John Reid seated)

This beautiful wedding photo is very special to me, for without these people being married, I wouldn’t be here! Pictured in 1934 is the wedding of my Grandparents, John Duncan and Mary Shaw Danskin.

Thank you to John McArthur for this great copy.

John Duncan was only 26 at the time living at 49 Broompark Road with parents. His best man John Reid in this photo sitting down. Gran Mary Shaw Danskin was a year older at 27, living at 73 Murraysgate, Bathgate with her family after they had moved from Blantyre a few years before. Her bridesmaid is older sister Jean.

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1934 Marriage Certificate of Mary Danskin and John Duncan

I really need to write about my OWN ancestry and their stories.

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Marion Anderson Great photo

Margaret Mary OSullivan It really is a wonderful photo!

Jean Gill Beautiful photo

Bill Hunter I have many Danskins, in my tree, from New Monkland, Cumbernauld, Stirling areas.

Lillias Addison Lovely photo of your Gran &Granpa

Betty McLean Lovely.

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  1. I have ancestry details of people who emigrated to Australia from the Ayrshire area if anyone is interested.

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