1920’s Main Street -former tenements


A final photo in this series of Main Street photos from the 1920’s. This time looking skywards.

1920s Main Street 3

To the right of the photo is the Co-operative tall building on Main Street, which exists today as flats above Costcutters.

To the left was the former three storey tenement, which now occupies the car park between Costcutters and Ladbrokes. These were good homes for many families. The lower floor accommodated private shops.

A tall and imposing skyline for Main Street back in those days, quite possibly blocking out a lot of the sunlight in winter months especially down on the street below.

I’ll be writing in detail about Main Street in due course and will be back to these buildings before too long.

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Margaret Nimmo Lehmann My Mum was born in 1919 and I think it was in a flat in one of those buildings

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