Website Maintenance

website-construction-banner-870x350This post is to inform readers that this website ( may be disrupted this week between 17th – 24th June 2018, whilst a major upgrade to functionality is installed.

Further secured investment now will add user interactivity and enhanced reader experience, whilst maintaining all information, links, stories and photos. All being well, I’m hoping it will allow readers to connect with each other in new, productive and efficient ways and amongst many other upgrades, will install a system showing which posts YOU, personally have that are still unread. Upgrades will also create an easier way for me to archive directly to external sources, the precursor needed to archive all this information for future generations….in places other than this website.

Some disruption WILL occur, perhaps resulting in the website being offline every now and again during this next week. However, my Facebook page @BlantyreProject which duplicates all these daily posts each day will continue unaffected. Thanks for your understanding during this important and exciting upgrade.

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