Navigation Upgrade Complete

Website-Upgrades-v1aYou may have noticed our brand new navigation menu this evening. It forms another necessary upgrade this week and using state of the art technology adds further function and capability to Blantyre Project, future proofing it for further content. Here are some of the new features:

  • All the old fashioned, cluttered dropdown menus are gone!
  • The Search bar is now integrated into the menu!
  • Social Media quick access icons now on the menu!
  • A ‘Home’ icon taking you to the latest posts!
  • A ‘Community’ tab taking you to our exciting brand new Social Network!
  • Icons against each of the tabs for easier identification!
  • A massive tidy up of links and content.

All upgrades have thankfully gone smoothly this week and hope you agree the website is looking great. I’m so pleased with the website being so much more interactive now.

Finally, I’ve still a few more upgrades to add, namely further Video modules, uploading more completed content sections and releasing a new, existing home/landing page. Thats all coming later in the summer. Thanks for your patience this week.

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