1915 Robert Duncan Bradley & Mary


1915 Robert Duncan Bradley & MaryNancy Riise Kvamsdal lives in Norway and shared this photo from 1915 after seeing an article on project. Realising she was related to fellow Blantyre Project Lisa Winters, she has so far been unable to contact Lisa, but wanted to share a family photo with her.

Nancy said, “We would like for Lisa Winters and her famliy to have the picture of their father. My family and I would like for the family of Robert Duncan Bradley to have this picture, that we found in a storage box in New York, of our grandma ( and g grandma) Mary Bradley and her son Robert Duncan Bradley.

Mary was marriage to Robert Duncan whom died in WW1, – and later Samuel Massey. Mary Bradley lived in Blantyre with her parents Henry & Bridget Bradley. Mary had two children out of marriage, a girl b. 1912 and a boy in 1914. For reasons we don’t know, Mary’s son Robert Duncan Bradley b. 1914, did not grow up with grandma Mary. If the family of Robert Duncan Bradley ( grandma Mary called him Tom) would like to come in contact with us, the Blantyre Project has our contact details. We would very much like to be in contact, and learn your story.  The picture may have been taken around when Mary married her first husband 2 Aug 1915.”

So Lisa, if you’re reading this….here’s a photo of your ancestors and your current relations would like to get in touch!

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