Salvesen at Low Blantyre


Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 22.21.32Fresh from their successful house building at High Blantyre, Salvesen Homes wished to expand in the area.

However in December 1978, their plans came tumbling down when a £1.5m proposed development of a further 100 homes of different sizes at Bardykes Farm, was refused planning by Hamilton District Council.

It was a disappointing blow, when earlier early planning drafts had looked likely that the development could have happened. A complete reversal.


Councillor George McInally was instrumental in the refusal. Despite earlier approvals, George took the opportunity late in 1978 to point out to the council that the “housing was on green belt land” and that it would “detract from the scenic approach to the town.”


Councillor Terry Grieve was all for the housing, pointing out the lack of private, quality homes in Blantyre. He said, “if we continue with this refusal of planning, we are denying young people in Blantyre their own homes, and pointing them towards Hamilton and beyond.”

The vote was a close on at 10-9 in favour of rejecting planning and consequently Salveson never did build on the fields of Bardykes. Brian Dempsey, Salvesen’s sales executive was outspoken adding later, “We had the continuation of the employment of local people in Blantyre to think of too, having finished up in High Blantyre, a popular housing estate that sold out in 10 days. We shall be taking this to the Secretary of State.”

It would take a further 16 years until 1994, for homes to be built at Bardykes Grove.




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