1875 Blantyre Works Mills


1875 Blantyre Works Mills wmThis rare early photo is amongst the earliest ever taken in Blantyre.

Taken 143 years ago in 1875, it shows Blantyre Works Mill, on the edge of the River Clyde. You can see how tall at 5 or 6 storeys the mill was and one can only imagine how many hundreds of people would work here each day. An important building for Blantyre, even more so that the whole area of the ‘village’ had its humble beginnings in housing everybody who worked there.

Some of the windows are broken and even by this time the mills were in trouble, the weaving industry, no longer at its peak.

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Blantyre Project It would have been great for these buildings to be saved, rather than demolished in 1903. We could have had our very own “new Lanark” , a heritage site combined with David Livingstone Centre and massive tourist attraction. Blantyre’s authorities , councils and private owners made a LOT of mistakes in demolition of properties in the 20th Century.

John Cornfield You are so right catastrophic describes it

John Cornfield Brilliant photo

Matt Walton John Flynn was fined 1shilling at the Burgh court for breaking the windows.

Jessie Caldow Great picture! It made me think about all of the people employed there and under what kind of conditions.

Andrew Mclinden Amazing photo !

Eleanor Connor Fantastic! ….and I wonder who it is standing in the doorway 💚💛

Michael Connor Cracking photo.

Moyra Bass Wonderful photo. I’m sure i’ve stayed near here in the Y.

Joseph Kane Unbelievable photo first time I’ve seen it 🌟👍

Andy Callaghan Mistook it for Barlinnie – not that I’ve ever been a guest there. Brilliant photograph.

Blantyre Project 5 storeys, 6 if you count the attic space!
Jean Boyd Amazing photo as you say its such a shame these buildings in blantyre were demolished.

Shona MacLean Where David Livingstone started his working life, before saving up for his education to become a world famous doctor.

Sharon Keir Linda Morrow this is interesting

Linda Morrow So sad it’s been lost.

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