Rev John R Silcox


1977 Rev John SilcoxSilcox, Rev. Jonathan R. – Minister of Blantyre Old Parish Church from October 1976 for 8 years until 1984. During this time his wife Lynda was a teacher at High Blantyre Primary School and the family lived in the manse with their 2 sons, the eldest of whom was also called Jonathan.

The Minister is fondly remembered as being accommodating, pleasant and helpful. He succeeded Rev. J.F Hart who had taken up a temporary position beforehand. Jonathan, in 1976 wrote in the Parish Church Magazine of how welcome he felt and how settled he was to be in the manse, thanking the previous minister for his efforts.

Whilst in Blantyre he held a Territorial Army Commission in the Royal Army Chaplain’s Dept. During his time as minister, Rev David Currie assisted him. When Jonathan left in 1984, Rev. Peter O’Price succeeded him, although some time after in 1985.

On leaving Blantyre, he became the Chaplain of Queen Victoria School, Dunblane and retired in 2010. Sadly, Johnathan (John) died on 17th September 2015, after a short illness.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Alison McAlpine I still recount some of his children’s addresses . Who remembers the one about the Smarties and he was throwing them out to the congregation (about racial equality) and the Christmas one when he had a washing line strung out with examples of possible Christmas stockings (not to be greedy). They were a lovely family. Their children were ages with our 2.

Anne Cook He married my husband and me in 1978!!!-lovely man.

Kerry Tremble Kevan Aw he was minister when I was High Blantyre primary & Mrs Silcox was my teacher up at the Annex school before it burnt down half way through term, she was a lovely teacher.

Anne Gemmell Goldie I remember his children’s sermon when he had jeans on under his cassock. He showed the kids his jeans and said it nearly caused a divorce 😂. His message was god didn’t care what you wore to church

Sandy Wilkie I’ll always appreciate him coming back down from Dunblane to conduct our mum’s funeral service in which referred to “Martha, Mary ……………and Margaret!

Janette Stark He married us 1981 he was a gentleman

Henry Hambley Married Elizabeth and me in Oct 1976.

Elizabeth Grieve He was due to marry me and my husband but it coincided with him leaving. It was carried out by Rev Wm Beattie

Avalon Orr Did he leave Blantyre in 1984 as Mrs Silcox was my primary one teacher in High Blantyre Primary in 1988?

Blantyre Project not sure if he left Blantyre in 1984, but he stopped being minister then, but may have assisted with a transition to the next minister. Surprised if it was 4 years though!

Avalon Orr Yea it seems like a long time but Mrs Silcox was definitely at HBP in 1988-1989; we called her Mrs Silly Socks


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  1. Paul. I remember the Veverka family very well. I taught both your sisters.
    I have just found this page. My husband was named John Richard Silcox. Our two sons are Christopher born in 1972 and Jonathan born in 1974.
    Yes I taught Avalon in P1. We moved to Dunblane in 1984 but I continued to teach in HPPS until I took early retirement.
    My colleague Sandra Stewart sent me a card using the internal school Christmas post. She drew a pair of socks with silly faces on the envelope. Yes. It was delivered to my room.
    Thank you for the lovely comments.

    1. Hope this is a way to contact Lynda Silcox. I am her cousin and am on Facebook. Jenny Dunn (Jennifer Wilson)

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