Rev James O. Welsh

Rev J O Welsh

Welsh, Rev James Oswald – MC BD was a minister of Blantyre Old Parish Church for 6 years between 1951 and 1957. During his term, he witnessed the closure of the last coal pits in Blantyre and the emergence of many businesses at High Blantyre Industrial Estate.

He had been a hero of WW2 Tank Corps.

When he left Blantyre, he went to Malawi in Africa and this started a link between Blantyre Old Parish and Ekwendeni.

He was much respected by the entire congregation. James was preceded by Rev Archibald MacKenzie and was succeeded by Rev.George M Dale.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Janet Cochrane During his time in Blantyre Mr Welsh came to Auchentibber once a month and held a service in the school

Ann Irvine He married my parents

Elizabeth Weaver Mr Welsh was known by his middle name, Oswald. So he was J. Oswald Welsh. He was an old-fashioned, formal, gentle bachelor, Mr Welsh – I remember he came down Victoria Street one day with a young woman (presumably a relative) – they’d be heading for the station, because he never seemed to have a car. He was trying to carry the woman’s small child, and looked very awkward about it – our Mum said afterwards “och, poor Mr Welsh, carrying that wean like a tray!” He had a live-in housekeeper whose name I forget and when he retired to the Highlands, she moved with him. He was a lovely man.

Betty McLean My memory, walking in High Blantyre with my boyfriend Alex. I was so embarrassed that Rev Welsh saw me holding hands. What a silly Thing to be embarrassed about.

Elizabeth Weaver Changed days! I remember kissing a boyfriend – just a normal kiss – as I went into work in the early 70s and a passing woman tutted and said “that’s terrible, daein’ that in public!”

Brian Weaver Just for historical accuracy, Paul, his name was Welsh, not O’ Welsh. He was James Oswald Welsh as can be seen in the record of his receiving the Military Cross. This award was for an act of astounding bravery and as a military chaplain, he could easily have avoided being in dangerous places. I met him again some twenty years after he left Blantyre for Kenya. He retired to the Highlands and his housekeeper from Blantyre rejoined him in his latter years. His funeral was at Kilmuir Parish Church on the Cromarty Firth.

Blantyre Project Quick update as busy day ahead. Thanks Brian. Newspapers had an apostrophe in his name, but ive changed it to full stop, indicating O as his middle initial. Cheers.

Elizabeth Lovatt The Rev. Welsh christened me in 1952

Helen Allan Christened me 1954 too

Margaret Muir I remember Mr Welsh and his sons Marshall and I think John was the other one.

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