Lorry Accident Main St, 1967


Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 17.49.57Little bit of 1960’s trivia! If you look very closely at the little wall in front of 124 Main Street, you’ll notice it’s slightly different from the rest of the wall, not too far from the top junction of Auchinraith Road. The reason was a crash which happened over half a Century ago!

On 18th February 1967, an articulated lorry driven by Frederick Souter (38) of Liverpool, skidded whilst taking the bend at Main Street, High Blantyre near the junction with Auchinraith Road. The vehicle ploughed into the garden at 124 Main Street doing substantial damage to the wall and the nearby lamp standard. Nobody was injured.

The little wall was subsequently rebuilt and the lamp standard replaced.

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Alan Baird your not going to belive this , but i remember that , we lived across the road at 141 main street , i was 6 yrs old at that time

Moyra Lindsay Alan I have no recollection of that and I walked past every day until the October of that year. I think that was Russell the plasters house and we bought his sons flat in the Dales around that time!

Alan Baird Moyra Lindsay all im saying is that i remember an accident at the top of auchenraith road , i was only 6 at the time i might be mistaken or i might even have it wrong all together

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