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1970s Rev George Marshall Dale

Dale, Rev. M. George – Rev George Marshall Dale held his ministry at High Blantyre Old Parish Church in 1957 where he stayed for 14 years until 1971. A graduate of Glasgow University, he preached at Kincardine in Menteith Parish Church, before coming to Blantyre. He married Elsie Kinghorn and they had 5 children, Liz, Marshall, John, Helen and David. It is known he spent a lot of time at Calderside and Basket Farms and indeed other surrounding farms, befriending the farmers.

He was really a farmer at heart by all accords and even kept cattle and bees in the glebe at Main Street adjacent to the Church. He made his own honey, which was sold for the church at garden fetes. He acquired cattle from Peter Wilkie, which were left to graze in the graveyard. A story goes that one inebriated gentleman upon passing the graveyard one evening saw a sheep, mistaking the ram for the devil and took to his heels fast!

George Dale was also the minister for High Blantyre Primary School and heavily involved with the Sunday school. He was the first High Blantyre minister to have a car and built a small brick garage on to the little detached Manse Byre or Stable building, which now faces out on to Main Street. Children were often dismayed though in church as George’s sermons were amongst the longest ever noted in Blantyre. He split them into three parts, the third part always being the longest. Despite this, he is fondly remembered as a kind man and was sorely missed when he became minister at Dull and Weem, in Aberfeldy, Perthshire, eventually retiring there.

He succeeded Rev James O’Welsh and was succeeded by Rev. John Notman.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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Joan Anderson Was in Helen’s class at St John’s Grammar in Hamilton

Liz Jack That is who married Arthur and me

Janet Cochrane Went to Hamilton Academy with Marshall and Liz

Sandy Wilkie John also went to the Academy and indeed, lives on a farm and has his office, near Tarbolton, is still my lawyer today, with his son & daughter also in the business, one of the leading agricultural legal business in Scotland. Marshall became a vet andLiz a teacher, but now retired, David lives in Ayrshire and Helen, back from South Africa, now in Monaive near Penpont in Dumfries & Galloway, where George actually had his last charge after Weem, and retired there.

Jean Gibson Sandy, I think I remember John Dale from Academy.

Sandy Wilkie Jean Gibson he celebrated his 70th birthday a couple of weeks back at Dumfries House – dies that fit, Jean?

Jean Gibson Sandy Wilkie yes fits well!

Elizabeth Weaver Yes, George Dale retired to Penpont after Dull and Weem, and died there aged 70, as far as I remember. I was at the funeral.

Elizabeth Weaver Tell John I (Betty) was asking for him next time you see him, Sandy. I am occasionally in touch with Marshall.

Sandy Wilkie Delighted to “Betty” – I’d forgotten that was his you were known!

IanShirley Donachie I was a bit scared of minister Dale he always looked that stricked to me then again I was just a wean

Helen Allan I remember him coming to see me when I had whooping cough in my grans house. I thot he was coming to take me to God…

Elizabeth Weaver Whooping cough was a horrible illness – not surprised you were scared about the minister coming to see you!

Ian Nicol Was also Minister of the Church of Scotland Corby between 1948 -1952. He Christened me on 3rd February 1952.

Elizabeth Weaver I was married (first time around) by George Dale in the university chapel at St Andrews. He was known for his somewhat traditional views and not only did I find myself unexpectedly vowing to “love, honour and OBEY” my new husband – but George then continued “as I shall answer to God on the great day of judgement”. It was too late, and I was too shy, to try to wriggle out of repeating it but it makes me cringe to this day. I’m not the obedient sort.

Rosalyn Faulds He looks like the Queen’s father in this photo!

Blantyre Project Wow. He really does! Never noticed that before,.

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Elizabeth Weaver He wasn’t nearly as meek or shy as King George

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