Mrs Meighan’s Rammy


For illustration only

On 20th August 1922, residents of a particular Blantyre house had their grief interrupted when a neighbour barged into their house.

The family had lost one of their own that week and in fact the corpse still lay in the house awaiting the funeral. On the day in question, Mrs Meighan, a Blantyre woman and their neighbour, in an inebriated state came barging into the house creating a breach of the peace.

Mrs Meighan took one look at the family and piped up, “Whit the hell are ye greetin’ fur? She’s got tae dee some time.’’ As you may imagine, this question was not well received and the family in their time of sadness was having none of it. Challenges were made to fight between the womensfolk and Mrs Meighan before police eventually called for.

Of course, Mrs. Meighan ended up in court. Mr Robert Weir, Fiscal, during the trial in Hamilton J.P. Court that October said “she had been married tor twenty-six years, and she had never been Court before.  She challenged the inmates out to fight, and behaved in remarkable way whilst under the influence.”

A fine of £1, with the alternative of going to prison for ten days, was imposed.

Picture for illustration only. From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

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