Stonefield Public Park

A photo kindly shared by Anne Brennan of Stonefield Public Park. This part of the park was up beside Station Road entrance (or John Street?). The picture was taken around 1969. Do you remember this play equipment?

1969 Stonefield Public Park by Anne Brennan

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Helen Stewart Many great days spent in the park memories x

Kate Mcinulty Yes great memories x

Alan Baird this was nearer the entrance of the glasgow road, next to the football changing pavillion , you can see the houses on john street in the background

Blantyre Project I cant remember a park at John Street side. Was that always there?

Alan Baird yes if you went straight across from craig st the cosy corner was on one side and farrels was on the other you walked down towards the pavillion and the wee play park was on your rhs , i sat on that very horse/seesaw many times

Sadie Dolan You walked towards lights at asda cross rd the park was down to the right were the 5 aside pitch is they now use a car park.

Jack Owens The “BIG” swings That would be Station road houses. look at the satellite picture on google maps there is a bare patch still where they were. Almost in the corner made by Woodburn Ave. and Station Road

Sally Jamieson Yes I most certainly do!!

Jim McDougall Brilliant Times way back in the early 50s , Also the co-op galla what great memories growing up in Blantyre all those year’s ago , It’s a place I still call home whenever I’m asked where did I come from

Annette McMahon Cambridge Great memories I loved the rocking horse

Frances McDonald Remember it so well great memories

Sadie Dolan Tricia mcgeaghan Tricia Dolan Mcgeachan is this the same horse you got you’re knee caught on in the 60s x

Sadie Dolan Some great memories of this park brilliant!!! X

Tricia Dolan Mcgeachan It’s the same horse Sadie but it was OOR Liz that got her knee caught in it still remember it 😘😘😘

Sadie Dolan So do I thought it was you Tricia, still remember it too ouch, O the memories, xx😯

Tricia Dolan Mcgeachan Many a bump and scrapes but happy days and we actually got a summer then 😘😘 xx

Sadie Dolan So true Tricia,lovely childhood memories, xx

John Cornfield Split my head on this horse no where near station road it was right behind bowling alley witch was the dookit cinema before it was 10 pun bowling

John Cornfield Predictive text spelling πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Davy Thomson A wee dodgy H,, and that could have been a disaster lol

Div Purse John Purse Snr, remember you fell off this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Margaret Quinn That was a beautiful park lovely flowers a remember the lily pond and aunt Judy and uncle Alex coming with the Punch and Judy show I also remember when that rocking horse was installed it held about five or six weans great memories X X

Billy Purse they were up at the glasgow rd entrance above the pavillion, you can see john st

Mary Kirkbride I remember playing in this park there was 4 entrances in to it 1 on station road 2in glasgow road 1 on john street when i went to it in 50s and 60s

john Crothers Brings back a load of memories going to the boat pond and a game of putting and a swings and roundabouts
Carol Crombie This is definitely the tiny park where the enclosed pitches now sit. Lived in the flats above the shops on Glasgow road til I was 3 and we were taken to the park every day.

Thomas Barrett That’s Greenside St.

ManageMarion Young There was a tree swing behind that fence lol x
Thomas Barrett Was the wee world.

John Cornfield Many a bottle of Old England was drank in the small world Tambo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Gary Doonin That’s about in front of the pavilion / changing rooms , John st houses in background , the railway sleeper fence and a gap in fence took you onto path into Alpine Street

Stevie Gill think thats right in front of pavillion not station rd there was a horse n swings there right up to early 80s

Gary Doonin Aye and youse Logan street wans tried to hog them

Stevie Gill and we made a gap in that fence and crossed waste ground to come out at old post office

Anne Mosley Loved that wee park ! X

John Mcadams My favourite was the old England golden John Cornfield and a couple of breakers memories

John Cornfield White for Me Swanny

Mary McGaulley Yes there were swings as well as the roundabout loved going there on a sunny day

Helen Brown Are you in the photo May ??? Xx

Mary McGaulley No Helen wasn’t in the photo they were young kids. I’d had my first child in 1969 she was 1 year old xx

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