Priory Road Bridge

Following the recent story about the road bridge near the Priory Bridge, here are more photos kindly shared by Alex Rochead. Built in 1928, the road to Halfway runs over the top of this, the bridge out of view from traffic.

Alex told me, “These photos of the road bridge were taken many years ago before I had a digital camera. The bridge was later repaired, cleaned and the graffiti removed. New writing has been added.”

For a bridge that many Blantyre residents don’t know exists it has clearly been visited often. One name on the graffiti is “Frilly”. Wonder who that was!?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

John Dunsmore I’ve waded through the. Tunnels in the. Past when doon. Fishing .👌

Alan Baird iv been through it tae john , the water at that time was only running through one side

John Dunsmore Yes. Alan , must have been good weather I’ve seen it. Ragin through both oe them.

James Cassidy Niall Murphy need to take a walk here one day

Niall Murphy I canny picture where this is

James Cassidy I know son

Aidan McDowell Five mins fae westend chippy

Lynsey Fojut Carolann Hart. Didn’t we go to school with frilly?

Carolann Hart Hahaha… yeah Cx
Jim Donnelly Used too play down here as kids and walk under the bridges too the other end,Plus just down from these bridges near the bend there used too be an old metal bridge we used to cross over the water to get into the fields behind the farm.

John Dunsmore Top. Spot on. Jim, the. See. Brig at the. Bend those were the days my. Friend .💗💗

Linda Marshall Oh no way 😂😂😂 x

James McMillan Linda Marshall he wrote my name next to it so a would get the blame lol

Linda Marshall James I seen that. Many year ago was this lol x

James McMillan Linda Marshall a would say over 15 years x

Linda Marshall James imagine someone writing both ur names…must have been trying to get both of u in trouble 🙈x

James McMillan Linda Marshall a think it was Tj Johnstonthat wrote it lol x

Linda Marshall James that doesn’t suprise me at all 😂😂😂 x

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