River Rescue by Band Member


Band 1921

1921 Auchinraith Silver Band

A dramatic river rescue took place on Sunday 20th May 1923.

The Auchinraith Silver Band, Blantyre had set off from Calder Street and had the luxury of travelling to Airdrie by motor bus that day. As they left Blantyre, heading down the Whistleberry Road towards Bothwell Bridge, the passengers heard screams coming from the nearby River Clyde.

The bus halted at the edge of the road to investigate and James Barrie, a bandsman from Blantyre jumped from the vehicle when heard screams in the river, this time more loudly. A small lad was being carried out to midstream near Bothwell Bridge.

James at once jumped into the river with no thought for his own safety, and succeeded in bringing the lad to safety, amidst the applause of his fellow bandsmen standing on the verge and a growing large number of spectators.

James Barrie was a hero that day, his story remembered here. The Auchinraith Silver Band are pictured 2 years earlier, many of these bandsmen must have been witness to that rescue and perhaps James Barrie himself is in the photo?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2018

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Henry Hambley whatever happened to the Auchinraith Silver Band ? Does anyone know ? Where was the picture taken ?

Blantyre Project Auchinraith School, i believe.

Henry Hambley l thought it was. It was just that the title indicated ‘High Blantyre’.

Catherine Newell I wonder if he was any relation to my granddad Thomas Barrie who would have been 23 then

Blantyre Project could be Catherine. Thomas was very, very nearby to the location of this picture and where the band practiced. At the time of this incident, Thomas Barrie was at 38 Auchinraith Road.

Helen Lawson Taylor Looks like Auchinraith School .

Elizabeth Knowles They probably practiced there, it was a large central hall with good acoustics back in 1945 to 1951.



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  1. I have a picture of the auchinraith silver band .Can anyone identify the members .Apparently my grandfather Frank Allen played trombone. Would like to identify him

    1. HI Sean – feel free to send it over. I may be able to identify a few people? It can be emailed to paul@blantyreproject.com thanks.

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