Captain W Henderson


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Born at Blantyre in the late 1800’s, he attended country school for his early education, although later finished off the Academy at Glasgow.

From the earliest days showed an interest in the sea and its ships, and it was therefore not altogether surprising that when the time arrived for him to leave his scholastic studies and step forth into the world, he should have elected to make the sea his career.

He commenced at the age sixteen years by joining the firm of Gonlay, and he served with them for four years, trading to the West Coast, South America. He was apprenticed for about four years, and it of interest to record that his grandfather also served with the same Company in the capacity of Captain. At the end of his apprenticeship he passed his second mate’s examination. and he then went for a time in sailing ships, until he was successful in passing for first mate.

Capt. Henderson signed for a voyage one the Queen line steamers, and in the vessel sailed to practically every portion of the globe.

When returned joined the Allan line in 1898, having just previously passed for Extra Master, and his first appointment was as fourth officer. For a number of years he served numerous ships, and he was transferred to the Canadian Pacific Company when that organisation took over the whole the Allan Line fleet.

In 1913 Capt. Henderson was given the temporary command of the ‘Scandinavian’, but he reverted his former position as chief officer again in 1914, and continued in that capacity until January 1918. when he was reposted commander of the Scandinavian.

Since then Capt. Henderson didn’t look back, and other commands that he has held include the Sicilian, Batsford, Victorian and the Marglen. During the Boer War Captain Henderson was engaged in trooping in the Nurmdian second officer, while in WW1 he was also engaged in the same type of service, only the route was changed from the South African to the Canadian.

Pictured. Captain W Henderson , 1923

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