Next Book: Through the Flames


There’s ALWAYS at least one new book draft open at any time! The NEXT book will be “Blantyre: Through the Flames”, charting centuries of every fire I could possibly find which impacted people or property. A sensitively written book about major fires, it contains much tragedy caused through accidents or crime and follows up stories of homelessness with many affected, losing everything.

However, there’s also remarkable stories of heroism and kindness of everyday ordinary Blantyre folk, as they rebuilt their lives. It also explores the bravery by the emergency services. A look also at some of the buildings fire has taken from Blantyre.

This book, with advance permission from their family, will have a written dedication at the front to Shirley Schiavo (40) and her daughter Taylor (8) who sadly lost their lives in a major Blantyre fire in 2009. All proceeds from the sale of this book, (which will be affordably priced), will go to a charity of the family’s choice.

Currently around 80% written, this book is out on Summer Gala Day, Saturday 9th June 2018, available on and offline.


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