Clydeview – Pre Demolition Work

IMG_6993Contractors last week set up their compound at the Eastern side of Clydeview Shopping Centre, next to the Asda Petrol Station, to commence pre-demolition work.

This first phase consists of utilities checks on gas, electricity and disconnections for the far end of the brick built early 1980’s structure. Essentially, making safe the building prior to demolition contractors arriving. Much of the rear yard is currently closed off to the public.

News that this side of the centre is to be demolished has divided opinion in Blantyre with some believing renovation and a relaxation of rates and rent, or changing policy about what kind of businesses may trade there could have been a better option. Others, (like ourselves) believe fully in the demolition and construction of a brand new, modern shopping centre, more aesthetically pleasing, consisting of several blocks for many small shops and enhancements to parking, accessibility, and improvements to hard and soft landscaping. This whole area certainly needed to be more inviting to the public.

Those nostalgic amongst you may wish to get a photo or two before the buildings come down later this year.

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