Hasties Farm

Lon McIlwraith has shared this photo, which you may have seen before, but perhaps not in this great detail.

1977 Hasties Farm across Victoria Street wm

Providing some exclusive good detail about Hasties, Lon messaged, “This is a well-known picture of Hasties Farm, taken from the waste ground on the opposite side of Victoria Street. This was scanned from a large print, and a lot of detail can be seen. The nearer section of roof from the second chimney to the street is the old original roof from the true farm days. The slates are a bit crooked in places and the ridge flashing is missing a few sections.

The roof beyond the second chimney is the new one installed after the 1975 fire. The small car at the far end of the yard was a red Hillman Imp owned by one of the barmaids. Just before that, against the wall, is the potato peeling machine. One of my weekend jobs was to operate this contraption, then put the spuds through the chipping machine, in preparation for the busy weekend kitchens.

The small building extension at the right was built to house the Front Room ladies’ and men’s toilets. The tall white chimney was for the Front Room fireplace.

The large door under the sign was the original entry to the café when it first opened. It wasn’t used as an entryway when the café became a licensed restaurant. To the left of this door are two windows, followed by a large opening. This was one of the barn door openings, but had a paneled window double door similar to the front one.

The next opening was the main entry door to Hasties Farm. Through this door to the right was another door leading to the Front Room; to the left a passage led to the Middle Room. The Middle Room had a few tables and chairs, the cloakroom, and a desk where cigarettes and other sundries were sold. The entry to the office was off the middle room. The office door actually had “Oafis” painted on it. The exit doors had “Oot” instead of “Exit”.

Beyond the Middle Room was the corridor leading to the Big Room, or Back Room. This was the main function hall. It had the Middle Bar and Kitchen, opposite one another at the end of the corridor, and at the far end the Back Bar and Back Kitchen.

In the background are many gables and chimneys on Glasgow Road.”

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

John Dunsmore Some cracking night’s had in. Hasties unforgettable stories and. Friends .

Betty Dargue Its great 2 c a foto of it x

Gerry Walker As a seven year old (1968) I was taken there for a Sunday dinner with my old neighbours, Jack and Annie Burns and my pal, their son Russell of Craigton Place. First time I ever tasted tomato juice.
John Dunsmore It’s embedded in my. Mind. Betty, loved going there with my. Pals boys x. Lassies.💗💗💗💗

Betty Dargue I john brings back a lot of memorys, loved going for a meal there x

John Dunsmore Yes. Betty, had grub to but loved the. Sunday sing along with. John. Doc x co .Big. John. Rodwell x. Terry. Shute at the. Doors.🎼🎶🎹🎵🎤🎸

Sandy Wilkie Blantyre Round Table held our early meetings at Hasties when we were first formed as an extension to Hamilton RT – every second Tuesday evening we had dinner and a formal meeting with a speaker or entertainer with umpteen sub committees to conjure up ideas to improve the town, from Blantyre Volunteer Group and the Multiple Schlerocis Run to the Donkey Derby and Birth to Burial!

John Berry Ma dear mum worked there when I was at school an went there to get ma dinner in stead of school.. Anna berry so long ago

Tom McGuigan Was my local from about 78 until I left home in 83. Great nights in there

Fiona James Many a good night had there

Dougie Beaton Went there at lunch time was great place

John Allan Got ma dinner for nothing me and stan auld George happy days
Catherine Newell When I was at Calder Street school in the sixties we went there in our lunch break and for one shilling we got a bowl of soup and a roll We were also allowed to use the mic and have a singsong happy days

Irene Berry Milligan I had my wedding reception there in 1973 lovely memories

Kim Tait Maclean The good old days

Julie Tabor Florence Thomson what great memories

Jessie Caldow Had some great nights out at Hastie’s – good memories🙂

ManageMaree Cathcart I worked there mid eighties (loved a Sunday afternoon) then when it was Barnum and bananas after that

Ian Burns Great nights for food & entertainment

Jane Scobbie My mum Nellie Scobbie was the cook at Hasties for a long time. Really busy restaurant and she loved it there. Oh the memories x

Linda Alderdice I remember going there for my sister’s night out

Sheena Thomson My mum Mary Gilmour and Helen Hampsey were the first to work I the front room kitchen I used to go down at the school lunch time and help serve that would be about 1964 or 65.

Jane Scobbie Wow small world Sheena.

Sheena Thomson Not half Jean we’ve been round the corner from one another since we were very young, me in Calder street and you on Glasgow road, me in front of Hastie’s and you at the back. Xx

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