Bob Brown and ‘Sally’


1970s Bobby Brown with Sally by Hasties Farm front room wm

This is Bob Brown former owner of Hastie’s Farm, with his dog Sally.

Shared here kindly by Lon McIlwraith (his grandson), Lon told me, “Sally would bark and snarl if anyone came near Bob, until he commanded her to “Wheesht”!

This great photo is somewhat staged, set up by Professional photographers Hughes who were based further up Glasgow Road. Behind Bob is the magnificent front room fireplace at Hastie’s with its copper mantle. Around the fireplace is some of the typical bric-a-brac found throughout Hasties farm: Wally dugs, brassware galore, an old horn, oil lamps on tall bases, etc. Familiar ‘Auld Blantyre’ photographs adorn the walls above the piano.

Whats your memories of Hasties? Do YOU remember the front room pre 1975 as it looked like this?

2a - Photographer's stamp on reverse of pictures 2 and 3

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

John Dunsmore Mind of. Both. Bob x. His dog. Sally takes me back the good old days just loved in. Hasties. Farm great. Atmosphere x good. Company.🎼🎹🎸🎤🍺🍺🍺

Joan Anderson My memories go further back. Gran and Granpa Cunningham owned the farm. I can remember the office was in the first part of the building on the right, then the pit for working under cars then came the garages. Gran and Granpa lived in the house opposite. There is a photograph of the Blantyre Curling Club with the Hastie trophy taken outside of the house.

Marion Robertson Great memories, Sally the dog used to sit with Isa at the cloakroom, remember the wally dugs too, lovely pic xx

Jim Canning Both my Mother and Father worked in Hasties.

Matthew McGuigan I worked with both of your parents Jim. Your dad and I planted Bob’s veg at Crossbasket house and he taught me how to rebuild the dry stane dyke there over a long hot summer in 1976. Jim was a wonderful man and a long time friend.

Matthew McGuigan Myra and I with Jimmy and Isabel at Hasties for a Saturday night out……….. Again!
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Jim Canning Wow, Never knew my Mother drank. Never seen that before Matt. Thanks.

Jim Canning Closer look, the Glass is empty. LOL

Jim Canning Matthew McGuigan The things you learn on here. Heard your name mentioned, but been away a long time.

Teresa McKinnon Matthew McGuigan Many great memories of Jim and I working with you Matt along with Joe, John, Isobel, Freida, Greer & Lilly Ann

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