April Fundraising Success

Well it’s almost at the end of April and WOW, what a fantastic month this has been for Blantyre Project!! I’m blown away!

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 21.05.24Book sales for April have been “through the roof“, surpassing wildest expectations. An incredible 103 of you rushed out to buy the latest Blantyre Project book, the massive “Glasgow Road: The Real Story”, making it the most sold of all any of my history books in any 4 week duration! A HUGE thank you to everybody who has bought a copy. As promised every single penny is going to local Blantyre charitable causes.

Royalties this month have been £439.25, which surely must be a record and of course is largely down to the popularity of the new book launched. Things are calming back down again.

This money will be given to Blantyre Telegraph in it’s entirety to go to the following causes:

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 21.23.47

  1. £163.76 to recoup the cost of 24 glossy photo books used at the recent Blantyre Project Milheugh walk. (People of all ages attending, got to keep them for free!)
  2. £9.99 for 3 medals given out to local residents who opened the new Calder Paths.
  3. £25 for a small gift to a local (anonymous) lady in High Blantyre who recently received some unexpected bad news.
  4. £10 left in the staff tips jar at the opening of the Miners Welfare night.
  5. £24.99 for Blantyre Community Committee for renewal of their website, domain name and email addresses.
  6. £119.99 for annual renewal subscription of Ancestry.co.uk to ensure continuation of daily, free local history articles and free Blantyre Ancestry service on Blantyre Project.
  7. £29 for registering and advance design fee for the new Blantyre Telegraph Magazine which ran into this unexpected cost this month causing a delay.
  8. £56 donation to McMillan Cancer Support via staff at Hairmyres Hospital.

Thank you everybody! Not only have you got a fantastic large book to read, you’ve all directly paid for the 8 items above. It’s sincerely appreciated.

This takes the total raised by Blantyre Telegraph to date since 2015, to an astonishing £18,746.90 for 94 good causes. Not one penny has been retained by myself.


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