1980 High Blantyre Guides


1980 High Blantyre Guides wm

Pictured here on a trip abroad are High Blantyre Girl Guides.

I know a few of the girls in this picture, so I’m taking a guess this is around 1980 or so. Can you name the guide leaders or some of the girls? Was this a trip to Switzerland?  It looks very ‘alpine’.

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Elizabeth Weaver Well, that’s Elsie Somerville at the front, second from right.

Alison Glen Noticed Elsie straight away as well lol x

Elizabeth Weaver She’s hardly changed at all!

Joan McLaughlin I know a few
Back row from right Judith Sergison and Diane Houston
Middle row from right Elaine Cunningham Jo McCaskie and Sharon Gilmour
Back row from left Anne ? and Isobel McCaskie
Middle row second from left Sandra Murray
Middle of front row next to Elsie is Betty McCaskie
I recognise a few other faces but can’t remember names

Joan McLaughlin I think it was the trip to Switzerland

Isobel Gould Yes it was Switzerland. Back row left to right
Ann Boyd, me isobel Gould. Karen ? Elaine crossbar, diane Houston, Judith sergeson.
Middle ? Sandra Murray, ? Sharon gilmour, jo McCaskie, Elaine ?
Front Julie Balfour ? Betty McCaskie, Elsie , ?.
Hope this helps. I think I have more pictures from Switzerland .

Sandra McCrory Great memories Isobel! I look tiny in this photo lol, I remember I was only allowed to go cos my auntie Betty was there to look after me 😘

Isobel Gould I know it was an experience . X

Ann Boyd Omg that wasn’t yest, I’ve got loads of pictures from this holiday to Switzerland with 1st high Blantyre guides.

From left is Christine Stewart me Ann Boyd, Isobel mccaskie (Gould)Linda Blair, the girl Robertson,Sharon Mackey,Elaine , jo mccaskie, Diane Houston, Elaine Cunningham and Judith. Then Sandra Murray Julie glespie.
Adults, Jean Clark, Betty mccaskie, Elsie Somerville and Maureen this lady worked with Elsie . What a great holiday and experience this was for all of us.
We left Blantyre station to Glasgow central then in the train to London, we then were on a coach for two days traveling stopping at France and Luxembourg. Then Switzerland we stayed at a place called Adalboden and we had a guide to show us about called Julian I think that’s his name, if there’s anything else I can help with just let me know x

Ann Boyd Sorry it’s Sharon Gilmour not Mackey

Lynn Ritchie Margaret Docto Gillian Melrose xx

Dawn Stokes Hazel Aitken, Clare we must have been talking with those German boys and missed the photo op unless they went to Switzerland twice

Hazel Aitken Think we were one of the first that elsie too to switzerland. Woukd love to see a photo of us there. Must say elsie ejoyed a wee walk or two hx

Clare Graham I have loads pics they must be in my loft.

Dawn Stokes I’ve got loads too. Somewhere

Clare Graham They went a lot we must have been about 1977 I know my Amy went too about 5 years ago.

Dawn Stokes I couldn’t remember if it was 77 or 78. You’re probably right though

Marie McVey Crossar Elaine murphy

Gillian Melrose Oh my goodness!! Isobel Jo & Mrs McCaskie 😢💔 xx

Lynn Ritchie Anno long time ago but I think I mind seeing this photo b4 xx

Gillian Melrose I actually remember them all going away to Switzerland! I got a present of real swiss chocolate and it was amazing 😀 xx

Elizabeth Lovatt I recognize faces but only name would be Elsie Somerville

Diane Dobson oh my god to funny yes Ann you will have alot of photos some of them are mine you never gave back lol x

Sandra McCrory Reliving it this year Craig! Taking 36 scouts from 3rd Blantyre to Adelboden in the summer 😬

Craig Sharp Aged and they say the older we get the wiser we become
Really. Have a cracking time xx

Karen Morton Great photo, my cousin Sharon is third from right in second row. Recognise a few of those faces

ManageJean Jenkins You haven’t changed Diane Dobson x

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