Wages Counting House

A wonderful snowy scene from Winter 2017 captured by Jim Brown. The house is the part of the former orphanage, later used as a wages counting house at Blantyre Works, near the David Livingstone Memorial Bridge.


The whole scene is echoed by another photograph from the same vantage point, 114 years earlier! The Buildings back then had seen far better days and were ready to be demolished. Despite a feeling that they could have been preserved, the modern picture makes me thankful that at least part of that old orphanage was kept.

Blantyre Works records (employment details, wages etc ) remain elusive. I would LOVE to get my hands on them, if anybody ever wants to point me in the right direction.


Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Thomas Henderson Elaine at the livingstone bridge x
Susan Allan Great photos and very evocative. My husband’s 3 times great grandfather worked there in the 1840s. I would love it if employment records could be found!

Gerry Kelly The circular piece of the buildings ? Were they silos or stairwells?
Alison Walker-Hill Stairwells

Stephen Anderson Brilliant how they save part of it.
Eleanor Connor Brilliant !! 💚 💛

Jade Cullen June Stone this is interesting didnt know this

Wilma Jackson Do people live in the house

Blantyre Project Hi Wilma- Yes, it is my understanding it is beautifully renovated. I was hoping to meet them one day as i have other older pictures to show them of the building which i believe they wont have seen. Perhaps one day.
Betty Brown The council, may have them👍👍👍all the records were kept up next to the graveyard,

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