Little Buildings at Stonefield


Not wishing to overlook small buildings, I recently had the help of Robert Stewart, who kindly shared his recollection of what several small outbuildings were near the corner of Glasgow Road and Stonefield Road. Out of sight to most people, I wanted to post this on the page for later reference to if ever needed and to later assist when I write about Stonefield Road.

Referring to the attached 1962 map, Robert told me, “I’ve shaded the area of garden at Stonefield Cottage that was lost when the Mayberry Grange flats were built. Nos. 1 & 2 are lock up garages, 3 & 4 small ‘steamies’, 3 was used by the residents that lived above Norris’s, and 4 by the five flats above the Craigs. No 5 was a row of coal cellars.”

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