Ladies of Old Parish


1960s Ladies of Old Parish wmThe ladies of Blantyre Old Parish proudly show their baking displays at the Old Parish former halls at High Blantyre Cross.

The date of the photo is unknown, but some of the ladies’s names are as follows:

Lizzie Ferguson, Isobel McIntyre, Mrs Campbell, Ellen McIntyre, Nellie Wotherspoon, Jeannie McCaskie, Mollie Robertson, Bessie McIntosh and Mrs Walsh.

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Maggie Anderson I recognise Mrs McCaskie….my husband used to be friends with one of her sons……many moons ago

Fiona McCaskie Maggie, thats my gran so your husband must have been friends with my dad, alex or my uncle jim x

Maggie Anderson Yes …your dad ….and we both knew Jim x

Lynne Hillhouse Fiona I see Sandy is n your Gran. X

Fiona McCaskie Maggie Anderson, whats your husbands name, im so sorry i dont know if i remember you x

Maggie Anderson Hamish Anderson…..I remember you when you were a child lol

Fiona McCaskie Lynne Hillhouse did you see the other pic with mum in it xxx

Fiona McCaskie Maggie Anderson sorry i don’t remember, how long ago did you loose touch ?

Maggie Anderson Fiona McCaskie …This photo was taken in 1963 at our wedding reception so I’m guessing it was a few years after this
Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor
Maggie Anderson .Fiona ………..your Mum and Dad are the last two on the right of this pic….i’m in the white hat just behind them

Isobel Gould Fiona I’ve seen that pic before . X

Fiona McCaskie Maggie Anderson thank you thats a lovely pic, cant see you that well though. Mum looks sooo young lol x

Maggie Anderson Fiona McCaskie …Well I was 19 so your mum would be about the same age I suppose….all the ones sitting at that table were friends of each other too

Lynn Delaney Fiona McCaskie, this is a great photo of Sandy and Sheena, just how I remember both of them xxx

Fiona McCaskie Lynn Delaney its not sandy its my dad, alex … oh where has the time gone xx

Lynn Delaney Sorry I thought Alex was Sandy as well, how stupid of me, memory not that great then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, great to see these old photographs and the memories they bring back xxx

Fiona McCaskie Dad always got alex and my brother was sandy, prob where your getting mixed up lol. It really good to see old pics you’ve not seen before… my memory is exactly the same lol must be an age thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

Fiona McCaskie Maggie Anderson yes she would have been 19. Its the year before i was born lol x

Lynn Delaney Defo an age thing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ xx

Maggie Anderson Fiona McCaskie ….I don’t know where the time has gone… all went by in a flash !!

Julie Tabor Just they way I remember your mum and dad xx

Fiona McCaskie Julie Tabor … just like your parents, they never really changed xx

Ann Watson Sandra Neil when was your gran a member x

Sandra Neil I’ll have to ask my Dad – she’s not in this pic though x

Sandra Neil Early 1940’s til the 1980’s 😊

Linda Halpin Mrs,Walsh i think that was my mums friend x
Maggie Tallis It prob was her Julie but I don’t see her in the picture xx

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