Hunthill Road


1970s Hunthill Road wmThis may have been taken in the 1970s early 1980s. It’s Hunthill Road looking towards Bardykes Road. A few changes have taken place here with many of the houses especially on the left having been renovated since.

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Blantyre Project im stuck. Is this the 70s?

Barbara Aitkenhead Not sure but my dad and aunts grew up in one of the cottages on the left. Fond memories of being there as a bairn in the 60s.

Anne Ellis I would think late 60’s early 70’s thats the “piggery” I think and I am sure that was away well before I opened the shop 76′ 77′

Sharon Morrison Doonin I remember one of the cottages was a hairdresser’s.

Anne Tierney It was Sharon, my first Job in McLean’s hairdresser with Monica Whelan 😊😊

Monica Whelan Oooft my first job too…crazy memories 🤣Wull Murray

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