Priory Bridge (Roadbridge) downstream

Pictured in Summer 2017 by Alex Rochead, is the other side of the Priory Bridge roadbridge. This twin culvert is pictured on the downstream side (not from from the Priory Bridge Housing Estate).


Built in 1928, it’s a scene not many of us have seen before, usually missing it completely as we drive over the top of it heading to Cambuslang. The road is at the top of the embankment, near the top of the picture.


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Stephanie Mcmurray Still catch trout here every year great wee bit

Chris Carr A got Wan over a 1lb it this bit 2 years ago. When the waters low yeh kin sometimes see them cruising about anaw. Fulla trout

Stephanie Mcmurray Defo moan the trout lolx

John Dunsmore Its full oe trout. Chris , I’ve fished it awe fae strathaven road right doon into. Clyde back oe. Fin me oot .seen some big. Fish just after. Spate.👌🐟🐟🐟

Chris Carr John Dunsmore aye mate a fly fish it wae a wee 7 n half footer wee 3 weight. Couple a pheasant tails weighted under a piece ae sponge caked in grease. Up stream always. Keep moving aww the time. Most I’ve had in one day was 27 n a lost a good few Tae. Thur average size is good for a wee free Tae fish river

John Dunsmore Chris , awe yeh need 7ft I’ve got Cain Kerr bro used ta be in Hamilton noo up north my cast beginning season walkers nymph x Chadwick. Your right keep oen the. Move always remember where yeh got a big. Draw .
Anthony Smith Nice view of the arches of both the bridges

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