WW1 Caldergrove

Another excellent photo of Caldergrove House, once located behind Bardykes. During WW1, when it was taken over as an Auxiliary Hospital providing much needed care to soldiers injured in the war.

This quality photograph from Gordon Cook shows the medical staff and patients outside the front door. I’ve zoomed in to pick out some of the detail.

1917 Caldergrove WW1 wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Steven Lightbody Shame another great house lost to history!

Blantyre Project crying shame. So much history too.
Kieran McCormack My Nana and Grandfather lived in caldergrove with their 5 children shortly before it was burned down.

Blantyre Project Kieran – what was their names if you dont mind me asking and when was that?

Kieran McCormack Helen and John McCormack. Keith Mccormackwhat year did you live in caldergrove?
Elaine McCormack 1981/2

Kieran McCormack Thanks Auntie Elaine xx

Keith Mccormack back on it page Paul I sent you a text a while ago about caldergrove house
Blantyre Project Keith Thanks. I still have to write about this house in any sort of detail. It only briefly features in my Glasgow Road book, but will get to it eventually.

Anne Mackie Pity a lot of the grand houses fell to fire or destuction They would have been an assett to the town
Jean Gill Fantastic photos thanks for sharing

Gerry O’Donnelly Who originally owned this house and when was it built ?

Blantyre Project stay tuned! We’re still travelling eastwards along Glasgow Road towards Blantyre’s boundaries….
Anne Irvine Fascinating…

Blantyre Project All the medical staff’s white clothing, super pristine and clean!
Helen Lawson Taylor Great to see these photo s and how life was then the uniforms they wore

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