Bardykes Grove

   To the west of the Bardykes Road junction at Glasgow Road and beyond the Westend was until 1994, just farm fields, not built upon until that time. The fields belonged to the Wilkie family and prior to them amongst other owners, the Jackson family.

   On 26th January 1994, Alexander Wilkie (Sandy) with consent of the trustees of Wilkie Construction sold the field adjacent to Glasgow Road to Wimpey Homes Holdings Limited, well known house builders in Scotland. Wimpey commenced building a brand new housing estate, which was named Bardykes Grove. The estate consisted of one street, with 3 cul de sacs all to be named Callaghan Wynd. The street was named after Mrs. Cathy Callaghan, a long service teacher.

Callaghan zoned

Callaghan Wynd, as set out on Title Deeds map

   Whilst researching this book, her daughter Margaret Mary O Sullivan added, “The street was named after my mum who spent most of her teaching career in Blantyre, teaching in Saint Joseph’s, Blantyre and latterly in Saint Blanes – a job she loved. Like most people who came from a working class background, she appreciated the value of education in the fight against poverty. She was the eldest in her family and was ever appreciative of the sacrifices made by her younger sisters Bride and Theresa, who had to leave school and work in order to bring money into the house. She on the other hand being the eldest had the chance to continue with her studies. She believed that it was so important to give young people that opportunity.”

callaghan now

Callaghan Wynd as it is now

   It was a range of 3 bedroom semis and 3 or 4 bedroom detached houses which sold for a price range of between £52,000 to £85,000. Making use of almost all the field, a turning circle was located at the far western end. Alex Rochead was amongst first owners and moved into number 73 in November 1994. Arlene and James Green moved into 77 in December 1994. That winter was particularly harsh in Scotland with snow and temperatures down to – 15 degrees Celsius. Everything froze, including the pipes of the new houses, affecting many residents, some even having to move temporarily out.

Blantyre Project Social Media:

Arlene Green: “Callaghan Wynd was a super place for my family to grow up in. My 2 girls had plenty of friends. It had a playpark near the top end and was adjacent to the Wilkie’s fields so very easy to feed the horses.”

Gerald Kellachan: “Cathy was a labour activist. Her father Andy Fagan was awarded a BEM in the 1950’s and Fagan Court in the village named after him”

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Andrew Anderson John Flynn when did you move in

John Flynn 2003 Andrew Anderson

Frank Kelly Do you know if there was a Captain Wilkie in that family, around the 1940’s or so?
Blantyre Project Hi Frank , if it was the 1940’s, it wouldn’t have been at that location at Bardykes as the Wilkies moved there in 1950s. The Wilkie family DO read this page, so may be able to comment on whether a Captain was in their family further back or elsewhere in Blantyre. Do you have more information to put the question into context?
Frank Kelly Blantyre Project my late mother used to talk about working for Captain Wilkie, in an office. This may have been a post office, not sure!

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