Peter Wilkie

Not sure when this photo was taken, but Peter Wilkie of Bardykes looks a relatively young man. (Perhaps the Wilkie family could advise which decade?). Pictured also are horses ‘Nell’ and another of unknown name.

1950s Peter Wilkie with Nell wm

Photo is shared with thanks, courtesy of Peter’s son, Sandy Wilkie.

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Brian Weaver Was the horse on the left called Janette? Or Jenet? If so, I rode on her back in the early 1950s.

William Dickson janet was the horses name other horse was called percy we delivered milk with them in the50s great days at high blantyre and bardyikes sandy was a young boy then new him well my gran and uncle mick both worked for the wilkies

Jim Cochrane Like most Farmers Peter is best dressed in his Dungerees ,just like my own Grandfather Farmers never look dressed in a suit and tie . And if there ever had to wear one would probably not relax and feel comfortable again until they were back in there working clothes.
Jim Cochrane Looks like some kind of tined cultivator that there pulling so must have been seeding time in the spring maybe March April if it was ground for oats .Maybe in the early 1940s
Cecil Willis Think it was plantingseeds
Jim Cochrane Are you related to my Mum Cecil Willis
Ian McLean When the speedway was in Blantyre Jimmy Beaton sometimes sent me down to Bardykes to borrow a tractor, Mr. Wilkie gave me one without hesitation. Nice man. 🐯

Eleanor Clark Peter Wilkie was a great friend of our family

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