Matthew, Ann and John, 1960

Shared here by Matthew McGuigan is a delightful picture of friendship in 1960.

Matthew is pictured alongside Ann Duffy and John Haliburton next to the former garage at Gibson’s at Craig Street.

1960 Matthew McGuigan, Ann Duffy and John Haliburton at Gibsons Craig St wm

What can you tell me about the people in the photo or indeed Gibson’s (Sweet shop?)

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Matthew McGuigan The boy on the left looks very handsome! 😂
Valerie Krawczyk John hasn’t changed at all!
Ross Haliburton Trust me valerie he has. John is my dad. Still the same height tho. Haha.
Michelle Irvine Omg. John looks so young ross.
Catherine Newell I went to school with a girl called Ann Duffy I was wondering if it was the same girl my name was Cathie Barrie ?
Betty Brown Anne Duffy . From Logan st. 👍
Catherine Newell I lived in Hawthorn Place I went to Auchinraith. Primary I remember she had lovely curly hair


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