February Book Sales

It’s nearing the end of February and ‘royalties week’. It’s been another great month for Blantyre Project Book Sales. Again, I’m continually astonished by the popularity all over the world of these 7 books and left thinking again, “Surely everybody has a copy of these by now!”

Incredibly, a total of £122 has been raised in February which has 100% entirely been passed to my ‘sister’ website Blantyre Telegraph, as a charity for distribution as follows.

  1. £50 has been donated to help terminally ill Blantyre girl Nicole Pryce travel to some nice places this year.
  2. £43 has been used to buy a renewable welcome banner for Blantyre Oscars charity event. A sustainable idea that can be used year upon year and free up future fundraising money.
  3. £29 to pay for postage in obtaining an important history collection from the late 1800’s, all about , ‘Calderglen’. This will be entirely scanned by Blantyre Project and made available for all of Blantyre to read and enjoy. More on that later today…

As well as the above, a further £25 was raised in book sales, which I have retained to pay for some expenses this month, namely;

  1. £18 to buy bespoke Blantyre Project bookmarks which will be given out “free” to anybody buying books from me offline this year.


  1. £7 to buy a set of ‘thank you’ Stationery, to send to people who have recently donated Blantyre memorabilia by post to me. (which you’re seeing everyday in posts anyway)

This sees the total now raised by Blantyre Telegraph to date smash the £17,000 mark! Official total now is £17,002.65 over 87 local Blantyre good causes, all of which can be seen transparently on our main website here:


Well done and THANK YOU sincerely to everybody who made this possible. It’s a privilege and honour knowing that your book purchases are directly making things in the community a little bit better.

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