1989 Tenements at Kirkton


1989 Main Street at Kirkton2 wmIt’s not hard to see from this picture why the tenements at Kirkton were past their sell by date. Needing rewired, replumbed, damp, subsiding and unfit for habitation, these 2 storey tenements were all but derelict by 1990.

I’m sure many people will remember the shops there near the cross. The bins in the foreground are outside my driveway, so this is very much home for me.

Today, there are modern flats partly built on the former tenement site. Who remembers what shops were here then?

With thanks again to Sandy for this excellent picture.

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Margaret Sanderson I do. Mrs Skelly had shop here which sold sweets and, no doubt, other things which I’m too young to remember as I probably wasn’t interested in them! I also remember a hairdresser’s at the gable end.

Elizabeth Lovatt Moira Stewart had the end shop as a hairdresser and I remember Mrs Skelly sweetie shop there too I forget the name of the person in the little cottage there though.

Fiona Dunlop Was the police station near here originally?
Elizabeth Lovatt Across the road and down 100 yards or so Fiona
Catherine Sneddon A sweet shop and a hairdressers xx

Anne Ellis Woods and Moiras hairdressers
Karen Menzies The hairdressers on the end then in the middle next to john s house was a Wee shop that I remember sold scraps x
Margaret Elma Griffin Bought sweets from there mostly on my home from the old High Blantyre School the police station was across the road it used to have what I think was some sort of siren on the roof

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