1978 JR Reid & Glen Travel

This photo from Winter 1978 shows the former JR Reid and original Glen Travel shop, next to the Lucky House Chinese Takeaway.

1978 J Reid & Glen Travel wm

I was once told that the dome on the corner of these Co Central Premises buildings, at the corner of Herbertson Street had collapsed in on itself in a fire. This photo indeed, does confirm that the dome was not there when the buildings were demolished in 1979 shortly after. The dome is missing in the photo on the far left.

The Service Centre was a shop which dealt in washing machine and vacuum spares and it was a Mr Jimmy Pollock (of Northway) who was the proprietor. Now based in The Parkburn estate as A1 Repairs, his son Scott Pollock now runs it. Jimmy is thought to be the only remaining original tenant of Northway.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Stephen Anderson Amy and Tommy own the Sun House Chinese in Glasgow, it was Tommy’s father that opened the Lucky House.

Hugh Innes The end corner shop was Lloyd’s motorcycle shop for a while as well

Mary Summers Booked our first holiday in that office ,still use Glen Travel to this day
Gerry Walker My brother Tony Walker served his apprenticeship with Reid the printers back in `74ish.
Moira Lees We stayed in Jackson Street in 1974 remember them all well especially the Lucky House , great curry’s .
John Flynn I was the milkboy for Jackson St in 74 and remember singing the JC song .. I’m going to Jackson .. 🕺
Maureen Friery Moran That’s where we booked our flights when emigrating to Canada. Great travel agent


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