1978 / 79 Blantyre Community Centre

A snowy scene from winter 1978 going into 1979 and still on the South Side of Glasgow Road was the former Blantyre Community Centre.

1978 Blantyre Community Centre wm

A familiar sight up until just after the Millennium years, the community centre is of course now demolished. Next door, Richardson’s Garage selling “Fina” Fuel, beyond that Roselea Cottage and Rowan Place.

The photo was shared kindly by Sandy Wilkie.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,

Isabel Mcneily Remember it well

Robert McLeod-Wolohan remember it very well, i went to many social nites in the old community centre lol many a good in there i had.
BillandLexy Dorricott I remember it I’m sure it was called the talk. H

Nancy McFadden I remember that what a great photo
Nancy McFadden Wish I could step back in time

Janis Orr Great discos and youth club.
Anne Grogan Remember having a nice roll and sausage in there.
Betty Brown Ma wedding was in it 1967′ co purvey,pup at the bottom of elm st and Mr Mc Phails band.
Anne Irvine Ian Wright. Ur nursery lol
Liane Prentice Went to playschool here
Jackie Anderson Gr8 discos x
Sheona Brennan I always thought the youth centre sat the other side if the garage, wow how time plays tricks on your memory
Jean Maxwell My wedding reception was held in there also the co purvey Jimmy Hislop was the band, oh dear a long time ago
AnnMarie Redding Happy memories x

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