1984 Auchinraith Primary Photo

A school photo next! From 1984, its the turn of Auchinraith Primary School. Shared by Hazel Krawczyk (who is pictured at sitting near the front beside the teacher), this class photo will hold memories for many people.

Do you recognise anybody in Class P7 / 6?

1984 Auchinraith Primary from HK wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Gordon Frew Yeah this is the 3rd time I’ve been tagged in it lolxx
Arlene Gilmour Gary Gilmour is this you top left x
Gary Gilmour How old do u think I am fs 1984
Colin Muir 😂😂
Arlene Gilmour Ano lol never looked at the dates x does look like you x
Rab Mccarrol Rab Anderson looks like you m8
Janet Allan That’s my Robert, first on top row xxxxx
Janet Allan On the left xxx
Liane Prentice Sharon Bissett , Sandra Norman is this Jacqueline and Lorraine? X
Sharon Bissett Yeah looks like it, front row, far left?
Sandra Norman Yes liane it is Lorraine Norman x
Lorraine Norman Omg through bk or wit lol xx
Maggie Tallis Noreen tallis front row right and end on right side lol x
Lorraine Norman Ian lamb . June Thomson. Barry Gallagher. Noreen Tallis . Steven Mcglauklin
Mary Mullen That’s the way I remember him xx
John Krawczyk Hi Hazel are you Geoff’s daughter?
John Krawczyk hi Hazel
I met your dad a few times
My dad new him quite well
We were the only 2 Krawczyk’s in Blantyre out if 6 in the phone book many years ago.
I went to polish school on a Saturday in Glasgow and my teacher was a Barbara Krawczyk from memory.
No relation.
My sister still stays in Blantyre
Happy days
Monikah Anderson Rab Anderson Charlie looks like you in this photo x

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  1. I think that’s my brother John Sneddon, second fom the left on the middle row

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