1978 Blantyre Karate Club

This is Blantyre Karate Club in December 1978. At a time when Karate was breaking on to the scene as a new sport, Blantyre’s Karate Club were meeting at the Elizabeth Scott Centre at Logan Street.

Pictured are some of the junior and senior members. Know anybody?

1978 Blantyre Karate Club wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

John Stephen Miller Me and my brother gordon miller in it
Linda Gilmour Roberts Is the guy in the back row, 3rd from left in the gi, Frankie Tulley?
Christine De Little Ross Frame – 2nd from left, top row? Joyce Frame 2nd row?
Carol Crombie Big Ian top row 1st on right used to have the juniors lie on the floor in a row and walk from stomach to stomach – helped strengthen your muscles helluva quickly!
John Stephen Miller Remember it well carol x
Carol Crombie thank God curries weren’t regularly eaten then Tiny lol
Carol Crombie Do you remember we had to get down on our hands n knees to pick up broken glass in case the seniors cut their feet?!!!
John Stephen Miller Naw canny mind that carol there feet wurny as tough as ours but x
Carol Crombie thats cos ours got lacerated on a weekly basis on the glass first! Toughened our stomach muscles and feet twice a week!
Arlene Campbell Carol .. was he a bouncer at zigfields ? ! .. familiar face x
Carol Crombie Arlene Campbell yes he was, and also at Rococo Club in hamilton
Arlene Campbell I rem him well
Brendan Mcghee Remember them all apart fae the guy in the suit next to Ross… monday n wednesday then sat in budokan in candleriggs 😎
John Latta Is the guy in the suit Jim Russell as was a referee
Brendan Mcghee mmm not sure John
Paul Burt Ian Lothian and Ian Brown top right they open their own club in Burnbank co hall before moving into Whitehill civic centre Willie Wullie Falconer Bobby Falconer Jamie Mckiernan
Jamie Mckiernan Doesn’t seem that long ago Paul
Paul Burt Jamie Mckiernan think I still have skelf’s from the co hall ….lol
Jamie Mckiernan Lol it was something else wasn’t it?
Brendan Mcghee Hi Paul didnt know they opened their own club in burnbank?
Paul Burt Brendan Mcghee it was only for about 6month if my memory serves me right before moving to white hill they also had a club in Limekilburn , Hamilton Grammar and Bothwell their club was called Shizuoka
Brendan Mcghee Paul Burt did you train at Blantyre ? Plus cheers didnt know or recall that 👍
Steven Brown My dad’s club finished up in the church hall of Hamilton parish church after Hamilton Grammar. He closed the doors finally about 10 years ago. Him and Ian Lothian are still very good friends.
Paul Burt Brendan Mcghee no trained in Whitehill and the other clubs Ian ran
Paul Burt Steven Brown fond memories of your dad and Ian hope both of them are well
Steven Brown You’ll probably remember them throwing me about when I was about 2! They are both well as old men can be 😂😂😂
Paul Burt Kept some Whitehill youth on the straight and narrow ….lol
Steven Brown Pauline Martin Catriona Martin my dad’s in this. Can you show him please
Erin Jayne Murray Edward McCann can show ross this 2nite at karate!
Erin Jayne Murray Almost 40yrs later and clubs still running on a Mon and wed night!! Xx
Mark Craig Davie Craig top row third in from left
Gail Caithness John Connor is that you in this pic

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