1910s Crossbasket

1910s Crossbasket wmAnother brand new postcard photo for you! With thanks to Gordon Cook and Alex Rochead for sharing this here. From over 100 years ago, this is Crossbasket, High Blantyre.

Ivy adorns the tower and the grey render covers the stonework of the original building. However, what I really noticed about this scene, is the lack of conifer woodland at the back on the opposite side of the River Calder. Indeed, the woodland views at the back of this grand house would have been quite sparse. The owner at this time was George Neilson, the owner of Spittal Colliery and Summerlee.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Elizabeth Grieve I see the new owners are trying to buy out those cottages that surround the house. A scandal
Blantyre Project Cottages are already bought and have been converted into Crossbasket Accommodation during Autumn. I have to say I’m all for this. Seeing Crossbaskets original land and their gatehouses being incorporated back as part of the original estate is surely only protective of such heritage.
Elizabeth Grieve It’s not just the gatehouses they want to buy but the other cottages surrounding the grounds. I see the point of the gatehouses but it makes no sense in the other ones. They have no right to do that
Christine Wallace May I share this fantastic image on Lost Houses?

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