1970 Burnbank Swifts Football Team


1970 Burnbank Swifts wm

Another local football team for you. This time it’s the Burnbank Swifts, but there’s several Blantyre faces in there.

Pictured from 1970, the photo was recently sent in with thanks, from Drew Semple. Do you know any of the men or where they played?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Peter Inglis My dad Jinxy i believe second from the right at the bottom, he woulda been 16 in this photo if it was 1970 !!
Marie Jane Banerjee My god look at her hair!!
Marie Jane Banerjee He looks about 30yrs old aswel
David Loughran My brother Joe played with the swifts 1970 im sure they played up in Hillhouse black ash park Bobby Murry was the manager
David Baillie Hi Peter are you anything to do with Davy inglis that had the pet shop in blantyre
Peter Inglis My dad says he was distant cousins 👍
David Baillie I just thought I would ask Peter as my dad was always in the shop getting tropical fish and Davie was in the army with my dad

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  1. My brother Joe is seond from the right

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