1966 Palomino Stallion & Peter Wilkie

This photo is from the mid 1960’s and pictured is Peter Wilkie at Bardykes.

He’s standing beside beautiful Golden Monarch, a Palomino Stallion put out to stud at Bardykes. The photos is kindly shared here by Sandy Wilkie, through Alex Rochead with permission.

Gordon Cook, local historian told me, “This reminds me of the night he brought, what might have been this horse, up to a field at Priestfield Street in High Blantyre. It was kicking and jumping and he had frightful time getting it out because the horse had already spied the mare in the field. This would have been around 1966/67″

1966 Horse and Peter Wilkie wm

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Eleanor Clark thanks Sandy my dad and Uncle Guy were great friends of your dad;xxx

Blantyre Project this looks like the Avenue leading into Bardykes.
Christine Forrest I remember the children’s gymcannas they used to have at wilkies farm just as a visitor and buying milk once on a Sunday when the shops were closed. The farm was only a couple of hundred metres from my house yet seemed a hundred years apart and was very daunting as a young teenager walking down that mansionlike avenue to knock on door!
Billy Steven We used to deliver the milk at High Blantyre with his Clydesdale horse called Nell and an other called Janet in the1950s
Sara Alison Spiers The Rocheads still own Clydesdales at Malcolmwood farm (known to most as Blantyre Boarding Kennels)
Jim Canning One of my earliest recollections of Wilkies Farm was around 1964/5 and the “Shows” were in the field at the front of the Farm. I learnt to hate the song” Bobby’s Girl” because it seemed to be playing constantly. LOL. Wonder if you remember that Sandy, or me even?
Marion Collins Gosh Margo, what memories, seems so long ago, but i still remember him, he was so handsome!! 

Happy memories 😀
Jean Richardson This horse (known as Goldie) was used around 10yrs later at a small riding school run on a Sunday afternoon on the farm by Liz someone….
Bruce Stannage Great picture of Peter
Freda Brooks Good memories of times at Bardykes. Great photo of uncle Peter.
Joe Beetham Billy Steven mentioned Janet whit a boot whitefoot


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