The Smiddy Inn, Blantyre Pub

From the book, “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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The Smiddy Inn

   The Smiddy Inn, (later Smiddy bar) was a former Public House on Glasgow Road at the corner of Elm Street. It transformed from Sprott’s Public House and became the Smiddy Inn in 1900 although had been a public house since 1880.

   The name was given by owner William Imrie for an unknown reason, for there were no blacksmiths anywhere near this location prior to this or at that time. It may simply have been a “working mans” name he liked, hoping to attract the nearby clientele of miners at adjacent Merry’s Rows. (later Elm Street)


Smiddy Inn Advert from 1950 showing Mrs N Wilson as running the premises

   The Smiddy Inn was run by William Imrie Junior, who did not live in the buildings, but simply worked there. The public house had address 135 and 137 Glasgow Road and was popular with miners for its wide variety of ales. At the time the Smiddy Inn took up much of the western part of Sprott’s Buildings and had a distinctive small single storey store on the western side, which may once have been used for offsales, and would later to become a ‘snug’. After his death in 1922, the Smiddy Inn would pass to his widow, Mrs Mary Ann Imrie (nee Smith) then later to another owner Mrs. N Wilson.

1950 Aerial Sprotts

   It was a real working mans pub. Sawdust on the floor, pipes and had a darts team.

   In latter post WW2 years supporters buses for the football left from this location in Blantyre, right outside the pub. Following acquisition of the Smiddy Inn by Vincey McGuire in the mid 20th Century, it would be renamed “The Smiddy Bar” , a name which existed up until its demolition in 1979.

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Jim McAllister My friends older brother took me to a Celtic game on the smiddy bus and his me under the seat so we didn’t have to pay sixpence bus fare.. Think that would be approx 1971 Celtic v Ayr Utd cup semis at Hampden.. We even jumped the fence an didn’t pay in lol
Big John Barrett
Gerard Barrett remember it well bimbo lol
Thea Borland Mcnamee Remember it wee da’s local wee granny used to stand at corner of elm st waiting on me coming off works bus on a fri to take her in for a hauf..and i remember dad didnt come home from work one night so mum marched up to smiddy an plopped his dinner on the bar…he never did thst again…i used to clean it when phil dolan had it an he used to tell me to keep any money i found on the some good wee tips from that..enjoyed a few good nights in there..and vincey’s mum ..auld maggie mcguire ran it b4 him.
John Cornfield The best Celtic supporters double decker bus in Scotland crates of 🍺 and 🍷 in the luggage compartment and I mean cases and cases for a 30 min run to Celtic Park fab ☘️🇮🇪🍀✊️😂😆
Alan Baird i only ever had a look in the door as i was a bit young at the time , but i think i remember they had a parrot in a cage

William Mullen wen i was a pup oor sookie wid take me on bus always chaos lol

Thomas Barrett Started going on the bus in the great season 66-67🍀🍀
Liz Jack You always got a good sing song in it
John Lynaghan The Smiddy bus to the Celtic games
John Daly I remember going on that bus. The bus they hired was so old that it leant to the one side. I swear that such was the angle of lean that if you were on the upper deck as it was crossing the Dalmarnock Bridge, if you looked straight down through the window you could see the Clyde.
John Lynaghan Remember that bus well was some state but a great bunch of guys on it
Nancy McFadden That’s where my granda Frew drank. His name was San y Free and he only had one leg what a character he was back in the day
Thea Borland Mcnamee Remember sanny well..used to sit out on dyke outside his house..aye got a blether wi him
Nancy McFadden He did and talked to everyone who passed..i remember the dyke was indented where he sat
Sadie Dolan Remember your granda well Nancy used to send us to reilys shop just down rd from him xx
Jane Maxwell Vincent McGuire senior is my husbands uncle. I remember the Smiddy well all the men would say it served the best pint of Guinness in Blantyre.
Dennis Kane Den Kane did you hit your arm on a lamp post waving your scarf out the bus window? 🤔
Den Kane Big Bolton leading the sing song.
Patricia Hutcheson Docherty Their Celtic supporters bus was one of the many run from Blantyre
James Patrick Barrett My first pint was in the Smiddy
Janet Allan My husband was a regular in the pub and was great friends with vincey xx
Thea Borland Mcnamee Good auld days janet
James Patrick Barrett That’s because vincy ran a good tic book janet 😂 😂
Janet Allan So true 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Den Kane and opened up at ten when ye wir chokin😅😅😅
Sadie Dolan My dad was manager in there in the 70s I used to be cleaner a great pub and great people went in there great sing songs, it was like the old saloons you got in the cowboy films x
Blantyre Project Question: Can anybody describe inside the Smiddy more?
Thea Borland Mcnamee Bar was in middle of floor and went around but in a kinda oval back of bar were 2 tables n chairs in a wee inshot..pool table was to your left going in door and box like seating against walls..great pub great atmosphere..
Fairlie Gordon My first ” Local”
James Faulds they did not have a tick book it was a historybook ,best celtic pub great people who ran the pub
Thomas Barrett Big Alsatian n a Parrott.
Thea Borland Mcnamee Think everyone n their brother was on the tick cash ever went in that till during the week but weekends it was flowing…lol
Sadie Dolan There used to be an old guy sometimes came in and played the accordian, x
John Cornfield Spit sawdust pub but magic
Patricia Hutcheson Docherty I went with our Tommy and wee Pat Reynolds to the Celtic v Racing Club Game on the bus

Teresa Logie John Cornfield did pat hampsey no work in there at one time x
Thea Borland Mcnamee Aye Oor pat worked behind bar as well
Teresa Logie A remember him telling me that wen i worked the village bar x
Betty Brown They did my bar at my wedding 1967. In the community centre,💥💥💥💥 sandy Hutchison was the barman👍

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