Blantyre Markets

1970s Annfield Terrace & Hasties

1977 Annfield Terrace Demolition. Shared by John Devine.

Markets – During 1599, the weekly Blantyre market was fixed to take place on a Thursday and an annual fair was to be granted on 14th October “for buying and selling of flesh, fish, oxen, sheep, meal, peas, corn, barley, linen and woollen cloth skins and all other goods, victual and merchandise.” This would serve Blantyre’s 500 population and no doubt attract others from nearby villages.

In the 20th Century, Tuesday markets were held at ground in front of Logan Street and also from the early 1970’s on spare ground in front of Hastie’s Farm, where former Annfield Terrace was once located. In early November 1978, the council announced they were closing the market much to the dismay of traders and residents.

The Hastie’s Farm 1970’s market was run by an English based company called “Spook Erections” and their market would open in Blantyre each an every Tuesday. It had a maximum capacity of 50 stalls and was a popular, lively and thriving place to do business. Indeed it was doing so well and so many people had lined up, asking to be involved in outdoor trading that in 1978 they applied to DOUBLE the market size to 100 stalls utilising all the space in front of Hastie’s farm right down to Glasgow Road.

Hamilton District Council turned down the application on the basis that nowhere nearby offered good parking for the market, something incredulous to people given Glasgow Road at the time had so many vacant plots. The decision was taken by Councillors who visited the site and had already decided amongst themselves that a market would not be a good thing for Blantyre given plans underway to create a modern shopping centre. It was believed open air trading was a thing of the past and relied upon weather for successful trading. Hastie’s Farm Market closed for good in March 1979 upon expiry of the final issued trading license.

Spook Erections who applied annually to renew market licenses, were not best pleased. From their English offices, in 1979, together with petitions from Blantyre people, they collectively voiced their protests to the Council and the market was moved briefly to space near Glasgow Road, (later to become Devlin Grove.)

Current Markets

In the 20th Century, markets tend to be confined now to fetes, events and gala days. In 2012, the Blantyre Community Committee organised a successful Christmas market, one of the largest in Lanarkshire, which has become an annual event, attracting around 70 stalls each year. Festive and Summer markets continue to this day although success is still very much dependent upon weather. I’m proud to be part of the little committee who brought sizeable markets back to Blantyre.

Pictured in 2013 is the festive Blantyre market, with the green grass behind it, across the road where the old Hasitie’s Market used to be.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 11.15.01

Do you remember Blantyre’s markets of old?

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017 and partly from the book “Blantyre Glasgow Road South – The Real Story” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Elaine Speirs I remember the market. I loved it as it was busy and had lots of new things to see.
Robert Henderson I used to work there in my holidays from school
Catherine Sneddon I loved the market I remember the smell of hot food wonderful memories xx
John Foley Did the new up coming asda have anything to do with it closing
Blantyre Project Well yes and no to that…..Yes in that Councilors voted NOT to renew the pitch at Hasties due to the imminent building and proximity of Asda. Traders didn’t stand for that and moved to private ground further along, managing to get temporary licenses ONLY up until Asda had been built. Sad to say, if you want a true answer, ASDAs arrival was the nail in the coffin for Blantyre market.

Anne Mosley I loved going to,the wee market with my Mum always got a bargain ! X

Shirley Lally I loved going to the market wi ma big pram n meeting people…
Elizabeth Ann Ward I loved going to The market with my mum. Even got my ears pierced there 😆
Elizabeth Kennedy I remember my mum getting her ears pierced in the market!
Janet Mcmillan My brother Joe worked on the market for pocket money
Jude Wolf Worked on the market

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