1980’s Wilkie’s Parade Float


1980s Wilkie of Blantyre wmLet’s go to the 1980’s in this article. Pictured is Wilkie’s of Bardykes, Parade Float. Shared here from Sandy Wilkie via our mutual friends Alex Rochead.

Sandy explained, “It’s an old 1954 petrol Austin Dropside Lorry which my dad and I bought at a farm sale in Auchintibber in the late 70’s! I well remember it’s background – it had sat in a shed for about 20 years since old man Dickson died and had been used for nothing other than running to and from Glasgow fruit market with veg that he grew on the farm and in the nursery so it had never been hard pushed.

In fact, when we went to collect it, we connected a charger to the battery, put some petrol in the tank and it started after a few “caws”! We then refurbished it over a few years in Wilkie if Blantyre colours and livery – designed by Sandy Hamilton who now lives in Currie and who’s married to a High Blantyre lass called Shona whose dad was a cop based at the police station next to Paul.”

The small lorry was then used as a PR tool for things such as parades like this one to promote the Blantyre International Highland Games at Bardykes.

The people on the back are known. Sandy’s children Craig & Kimberley, plus The McIntosh family including their children Scott and Kirsty from near the gatehouse at Crossbasket.

With thank to Sandy.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

James Hanly A old advertisement from the hamilton advertiser 1981

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Elaine Speirs Who remembers the wilkies bottles with poems on them about Mary snd her little lamb. Early 1970s. I loved them!
Teresa McKinnon Mary had a little lamb it’s food was Wilkie’s milk she proudly wheels it in her pram for it’s wool is now like silk 😊
Eleanor Clark I remember when they had the farm up in High Blantyre x
Anne Grogan Used to go to the garden fete at the farm evert year. When we ran out of milk we got sent to Wilkies
Jim McAllister I was 1 of Mr Wilkie’s milk boys an delivered those big bottles, very fat at the top an was hard to carry 3 in 1 hand. Those were the days
Colin Mc Tumble Not in the same class as the lorry πŸ˜€

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Kristofer Rouse Bring back the highland gamesπŸ–’
Kris Kirker Hercules the bear was brilliant aswell
Linda McDowall Bardykes Farm Nursery School Mrs Wilkie x
Jim Donnelly That looks like Waverley Terrace High Blantyre..!! As a milk boy and a driver that was my old run when I was a Wilkie Warrior.!!
Margaret Lindner This is right outside no9 Waverley terrace high Blantyre x
Catherine Paterson I do believe that’s your Mum walk alongside ☺️
Sarah Williamson Kim this could be you from a distance! Never noticed the similarities before!
Kimberley Wilkie Sarah Williamson I’ve heard that a few times πŸ˜‚
Sandy Wilkie Guys, stop making me feel so nostalgic, please! Particularly when I’m stuck in Rwanda right now setting up an exchange programme between our 2 countries! Now wishing I was home, SOON!!
Kimberley Wilkie See you soon!
George Nicoll nice truck Sandy, I could see myself driving that oneπŸ˜€
Ruth Haughen Kimberley Wilkie omg she looks like you


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