1960’s Peter Wilkie at Cathy Little’s shop

What a great photo for a couple of reasons! Pictured here in the 1960’s is Cathy Little’s shop in Victoria Street (the shop beside what is now Boots Chemist).

Coming out is none other than Blantyre’s Peter Wilkie of Bardykes, father of Sandy Wilkie. Sandy permitted the photo to be share here via Alex Rochead our mutual friend.

1960s Peter Wilkie at Cathy Little's shop wm

Cathy was related to the Little family who bought Crossbasket in the 1930s. Her son died fairly recently.

What can you tell me about Cathy Little’s Shop?

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Lainey McGuckin I work beside Cathy’s daughter in law who was married to her son who passed away recently
MariΓ© Rodwell Round the corner from my grans used to go in all the time .. she used to let me in the back door when the shop was closed and my gran needed something . Even the teachers at school would send me to get stuff
Collette Maguire Gardiner Used to go there all the time when at grandpas and auntie Jeanie in small crescent x
Carole M Castle I remember Cathy Littles wee shop as it was across from Calder Street School and we went there at lunch time to spend our dinner money on sweets instead of getting school dinner I went there with my pal Shona Murdoch x
William Mullen wit a shop lol bottle a sherry 55p….50p if u brong ur ane ginger bottle…+2 cans a pale ale…..age 16
Helen Robb I vaguely remember Cathy. She was a lovely woman. Xxx
Alan Baird they gave ye a carry oot when ye were at school
Sonya Little The only Cathy I’m aware of is the one married to Adam (Adas) Little. She is buried with Adas in High Blantyre cemetery. She would be my dad’s aunt-in-law. Same person, Paul?
Blantyre Project Yes, I think this is correct. If so, distant relations to you?

William Mullen her son bobby nice guy
Elizabeth Weaver We always called it Adas (Adam) Little’s shop in the 50s. I don’t remember his wife because when we were young, it was Adas who ran the shop.
John Flynn I was a milkboy for Wilkies morning and night runs and used to spend some of the hard earned money on a carry out from Cathy Littles
John Lynaghan Draught sherry carry oot under age drinking
Sadie Dolan Brilliant Pic, xx
Craig Stewart Claty Little’s, then it changed hands and they brought a new meaning to the word CLATY!!!
Ian Paterson Used to get a match & a single fag when you were at school
Lorraine A Ross Single fags at school break times
Jacqueline Flynn My gran and granda lived in Morris crescent all my childhood. I used to love visiting this shop with my cousins for sweets. Not so sure it was still called Cathy little’s shop late eighties. Although we still called it that πŸ˜‚.
Eleanor Connor Lovely piece of Blantyre history ! πŸ’šπŸ’›
Robert McLeod-Wolohan i was friends with bobby little and i used to go to the shop very often.
Marie Higgins I remb going in here with my mum dad all the time as my gran stayed in Victoria st
John Flynn You were at the shoplifting … penny tray 🍑
Marie Higgins Ha ha oh I rember the penny tray was all we could afford lol
John Flynn Then decimalisation came in and the penny tray cost twopence x
John Finnigan What about the sherry they sold in finger bottles?
Ishbel Hilston Loved going in there with my mum I remember when her dog had pups she let us go through and see them she was a lovely woman xx
Teresa Logie I dont remember this wee shop but my sisters might Margaret Paterson
Martin Smith I remember her very well. And her son Bobby who died recently.
Anne Irvine Home Economics teacher from Blantyre High used to send us to the shop for echo margarine. Long time ago. Was in 1st year. 1975 !!!!!!!
Jane-marie MacNeil Joe MacNeil was this across the road for grans? πŸ˜€ x
Martin Smith Yes Jane-marie it was!!!
Jane-marie MacNeil Gran would get a batch of bread rolls in the mornings from there and I would have them with dairylea spread 😍
Martin Smith The rolls were made in Stonefield Rd. Can’t remember the bakers name.
Joe MacNeil I used to get rolls from the bakers on the main Glasgow road from littles. I worked in the steel works then. Your gran loved them fresh from the oven
Blantyre Project I’ll dig out a few more old Blantyre shop photos for you all over the festive break.
Anne Ellis I remember Peter and Cathy with great fondness x
Stewart Willis Bobby was good friends with my dad. booby used to run the car repair place behind the shop. I have some good pictures of bobby and my dad and some of the others who were at school together in the play park that was across the road from the shop. Remember Cathy very well when I was a child.
Sonya Little Hi Stewart. I would love to see any pictures of Bobby and family that you may have.
Christine Conroy Went to school with Grace little she was a very good friend
Anton Le Grandier Peter Wilkie-Wilkies farm?Delivered milk for them once.
Nina Muir I loved going to Cathy Little’s and that is what we called it. Cathy Little’s.
I lived in Small Crescent, in the 70s and 80s, on the opposite side of the street and we were allowed to go roynd for sweets, or got sent round for messages for our parents.See more
Lynn Dougela Sure was Donna but she was a crabbit woman at times 🀣🀣
Stephen Mccall Martin Smith was it Blacks( I think) at the corner of Calder Street or Gilbert’s which was next to Sweeney the butcher at the old original pub at the corner of stone field road and Glasgow road.
Stephen Mccall Jim Russell of Wheatland Head Farm which is now Wheatland head Court used to deliver fruit and veg in the early 70s. Jim’s wife Sheila owned the newspaper shop at the bottom of Stonefield Road before selling it on to Willie Pate in the late 70s.
Annette Keenan Singles aff crabbit Cathy little πŸ˜‚ aw she did was moan
Jimmy Whelan She was always freezing…
Jim McSorley Love this photo. Peter Wilkie was a legend. Who remembers his nursery rhyme on his wide necked milk bottles.
Margo Haughen Little’s rolls with sliced sausage every Saturday or Sunday morning-Peter Craig, the butcher’s sausages(Peter Wilkie’s cousin incidentally)
Katrina Stewart My mum worked there years ago πŸ’•
Fiona James omg gert do you remember the morning rolls and we used to get belle grans labrador and oragne she could smeel them being opened at a mile away and would sit droolig infront of you xxx
Fiona James i wonder if hasties farm is still there had some great nights in there xx
Margo Haughen Nursing home built on the site now, I’m afraid x
Marion Chatham I remember the wee poem that was on Willie’s milk bottles it went like Mary had a little lamb, it’s food was Willie’s milk, she proudly wheeled it in her pram, because it’s wool was now like silk
Marion Chatham Lol that was meant to be Wilkies.
Grace Nelson Great photo. Peter was a legend.
June Hislop I remember that, my dad was great friends with Peter my brother was at school with Sandy and I was friends with Margo .
Peter gave us permission for the first Blantyre Highland Games on the front field of the farm. Great memories
Margo Haughen Hi June xx
June Hislop Is that you Margo πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Anne Ellis Was your dad Jimmy ? I remember he was one of Willie Thomsons pals in the ” back shop” lol
June Hislop Yes lol
Eleanor Clark remember Peter Wilkie was a friend of all the family.x
Kimberley Wilkie No idea I’m far too young but my grandpa peter obv liked it


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