1978 George Green Retires

1978 George Green retires DLT wmIn November 1978, Mr George Green the chairman of David Livingstone Centre Trust retired. He’s pictured here second from the right being handed a record of his service, which not only congratulated him on retiring, but also celebrated an astonishing 25 years on the Trust committee. (1953-1978)

New chairman Fred McDermid handed over the plaque at a retirement dinner. Fred had a busy year ahead of him with the Memorial’s Golden Jubilee year ahead in 1979.

Around this same time in November 1978, the Trust welcomed a new member of staff, Mr. Jim Dick, a qualified teacher from Rutherglen who was appointed Education Officer for the Social History Museum. It was his job to provide information to parties of youngsters visiting the centre.

From the forthcoming definitive Blantyre book of a MILLION words, “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017


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Bill Hunter Bill Cunningham standing first on the right. A gentleman.


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  1. By the way that is Georges first wife , Chris,next to him with glasses.

  2. George Green was a personal family friend of my father, they were at school together, and myself. If you require further details contact me. He was head of the congregational church insurance for many years. I had an invite from him to the David Livingstone Centre when there was a royal visit in the 1960s.

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