1978 Miners’ Welfare Gala Day


1978 Neil McLaughlin of Welfare with members wmMr Neil McLaughlin, the President of the Miners’ Welfare is pictured here at the centre back row on Saturday 26th August 1978 at the Miners’ Welfare Gala Day.

The event took place in the grounds of David Livingstone Centre on what was a warm, sunny day. Guests of the day were 260 local Blantyre children, who were treated to fun and games and lunchboxes, laid on by the Welfare at no cost to them. Indeed, the kids left all the richer, each of them receiving £1 in money before leaving, courtesy of fundraising by the Welfare.

The day was described by many as perfect, with sunshine making it all the more pleasant. The organisers were delighted.  Gala Queen Elect Margo Cairney rode at the front of the float leaving from the Miner’s Welfare at 11.45am as the procession headed to the Livingstone Centre Park. The float had been organised by Roberstons of Springwells and decked out by Hamilton District Council.

Later that night, it was the parent’s turn to enjoy themselves with a gala dance held in the Welfare. It had been the first Miners’ Welfare Gala for 17 years, and the organisers vowed to continue hosting this event, alongside Blantyre’s main Gala each year.

From “Blantyre Explained” by Paul Veverka (c) 2017

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