1962 Parachuting at Coatshill & Priory


1962 Parachute by Anthony Smith wm

Parachuting at Coatshill in 1962

Anthony Smith was recently kind enough to share these wonderful childhood photos with me recently. Ever tried some parachuting at Coatshill or Priory?

Anthony told me, “The parachute is actually a time xpired sport use reserve parachute that was given to me by the Scottish Parachute Club.The parachute is an Irvin I 24.Means made by Irving Air Chutes and 24 feet in diameter. It was actually the same type as was used as an EMERGENCY bail out ‘chute by the crews of Bomber Command in W.W.2.A lot of the W.W.2. ‘ stuff ‘ actually got altered and used by civilian parachutistes.”

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